• fux ur problem dad 9 months ago

    why the heck are you acting like this hentai character is a real dude? sure doesn’t sound like you “put it into practice”. Think you’ve been having one too many lucid dreams urself there champ

  • Ur dad, u fucking twat 9 months ago

    Redhead cute but retarded plot like are u dreaming lad nobody wants the chickenshit bullshit. Fucks sake id ram my left fist so far up her ass stick my hand out her fucking mouth but no you dont see me fucking dreaming it huh put that shit into practice u grimy lard. Oh but boohoo i cant control my dreams, fucks sake sure u can just dont be a bionic fucktard for starters and maybe you would have better luck. Dont even get me started on that blonde cum guzzling thundercunt.. what anime is this btw?

  • noriaki kakyoin 9 months ago

    Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero Rero

  • dio the world brando 9 months ago

    Kore ga za warudo ga

  • lance the hard core skater tamama 9 months ago

    Wow magic!

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Omfg this keeps happening he tai looks good from the picture but is actually shit

  • anonymous 9 months ago

    Same art as Oni Chi Chi, pretty good. Dumbass story though. Once again had to use magic, blackmail, rape or whatever to get revenge. These hentai authors are such losers it’s like that’s all they know how to write. I dunno how about a story where a kid meets a girl, ask her out & they fuck OR a story with a charming handsome guy who has harems of hott chicks at his s disposal everything doesn’t have to be rape & blackmail….

  • A Ninny Mouise 9 months ago

    A new type of Death Note…

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