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  • skykillerman 6 days ago

    I hate hentai that is rape it makes me so sad

  • Pot hugged 6 days ago

    I like threesomes

  • Anonymous 6 days ago


  • Sexy girl 1 week ago

    Maybe it would be better if akira only have sex with yuu-nee

  • annonymous1161 1 week ago

    how can i download this? plsss

  • Death 1 week ago

    I was thinking how many of them got pregnant by him coming inside? Also will the 3rd episode tell us, what do you guy’s think will happen in the 3rd episode?

  • Hey any ladies on here

  • That nurse was begging for the d all she said was I am the nurse of your cock even her scene was short I played it over and over and over and over and etc. I’m not feeling the teacher but the rest dam!!!!!
    that lucky bastard gezz fucken a (awesome) getting all the chicks (still not digging the teacher) with Dem asses and boobs =3

  • hornyy bitchh 2 weeks ago

    Anyone wants a fuck

  • Mountain_Dew_Me 3 weeks ago

    Fucking great…

  • Fiction 3 weeks ago

    le doy asta cansarmeeee
    en lo mas profundo

  • Death 1 month ago

    I wander if there will be 3rd episode?

  • wow Hentai (____)(___)====D Why Thanks Feel Good l see hot
    like girl want Not !!! Year 21 Lucky Love money no
    Free Sexy want

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    Not feeling the nurse but the doctor is hot

  • That nurse though

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    Why does the dude sound like a girl

  • Kickass 1 month ago

    Lucky ass bastard getting to bang four girls

  • niito 2 months ago

    dat kinky nurse is awesome!

  • 10lbShaftofpain 2 months ago

    Enjoyed the Sana laundry room scene the most out of the series.

  • mashroom head 2 months ago


  • mashroom head 2 months ago

    how can i download this hentai? it just lilr forum

  • Does anyone know any POV?

  • I saw this vid the other day where a brother got home to his three hot sisters, who turned out to have a disease where they would suddenly go into heat uncontrollably. Can anyone point me to the video please?

    • Hentai God 2 months ago

      its called Dekakute Ecchi Na Ore No Ane and its on the front page of this site

    • Anonymous 2 months ago

      They used to have it on here, not anymore they must’ve just I mean just removed it hmmm I’m trying to remember the name if I do ill reply again

    • Anonymous 2 months ago

      Dekakute Ecchi Na Ore No Ane 1 Subbed. It’s on here I guess I just didnt see it i wish I had a brother that would fck me I have only 2 sisters and the best they do is give sex tips and lend me their dildos (no JK) but I would totaly fck my bro

  • Hentai Lover 2 months ago

    Damn I want to be treated too

  • gagger 2 months ago

    Fuck, man. These comments are worse than fucking 9gag and youtube comments combined.

  • dakar56 2 months ago

    wish i could find me a succubus

  • Please 2 months ago

    Boy he can do it that hard he loved it ha………. :D

  • Potato Nuggets 2 months ago

    Do purple penguins have knees?

  • bitch girl 2 months ago

    Danm boy fuck 3 girl with one but i wanna be a boy he can fuck

  • Nxidjendkdkxn 2 months ago

    I love it

  • zTroll 3 months ago


  • Random 3 months ago

    I guess there is no such thing as STDs in the Hentai world…

  • Comment

  • I like hentai

  • Epichound 3 months ago

    Don’t see how this guy is dead from a condition of to much fucking sex

  • CrimsonFucker 3 months ago

    i want more of this hentai

  • Anonymous 3 months ago


  • I don’t get how a guy with a dick like that has such a pathetic voice… Pretty sure it’s a female seiyuu

  • Fudge 3 months ago

    Man, he put the pussy on the chainwax!

  • Dark heart 3 months ago

    Such a lucky guy

  • Hentai Girl Rater 3 months ago

    Yuu (50%) Sana (75%) Sensei (25%) and the Nurse (100%)

    • What do you mean

    • Hentai Girl Lover 2 months ago

      Yuu (100%) Sana (50%) Sensei (20%) Nurse (75%)

    • If that nurse lady doesn’t get a major role in this, I’m pretty sure than quite a few people won’t be happy.

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    i want this guys treatment.

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    Damn he is most likely 12 or 13 we got a real Barney Stinson over here

    • Hentai lover 3 months ago

      Eh not really Barney does one girl and leaves her and this guy Akira does three girls at once, does ‘em all, and stays with them.

  • hentai king 3 months ago

    fuck dat bitch nigga luck as hell

  • Damn I kinda wanna be that guy :)

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    I like trains

  • Nice and tight 4 months ago

    I admire sensei’s mole on her boob I always wanted one but I got one on the lip of my pussy soo alls fair

  • xxdxx 4 months ago


  • mexican boy 4 months ago

    she should have taken it up the butt

  • Fapfap anymore 4 months ago

    fivesome? Damn akira you’re such a lucky bastard :p

  • Fapfap anymore 4 months ago

    fivesome? God damn akira you’re such a lucky bastard :p

  • Kazuma Kiriyu 4 months ago

    That moment that the comments are better places to find humor than in most other parts of the internet.

  • Not Batman 4 months ago

    I wanna see more Nonomi <3

  • Iceyy 4 months ago

    I really liked this, but I would’ve liked to see that nurse again. ;p lol

  • Vanoss 4 months ago

    God damn you guys are perverts

  • KYRSP33DY 4 months ago

    Damn I’d like this treatment

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Is that Randy Marsh?

  • Satoshi 5 months ago

    Hi I’m Satoshi

  • Why do 90% of etai irgins cherry pop I don’t wanna see blood every fucking time damn Japan wtf fetishes you guys don’t have and stop with the fucking pee to that shits nasty dammit now I want to do a hentai rant but I’m not because it’s gonna ruin my hadron time to Fap Fap Fap

  • anonymousxx 5 months ago

    anonymous you woman or man because you woman want to fuck with me

  • hekkie. 5 months ago

    damn. i cant do it like ths. 4vs1. ! big damge 4 the cock.<< fuck u all.. !

  • My last name is vallentine 5 months ago

    I always get wt I want

  • My last name is vallentine 5 months ago

    Lol nothing you guys say make sense

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Not to mention the fact that this realm, can viciously kill each other repeatedly on public television but somehow other aspects of this are taboo?! Your species makes beyond no sense and logic and it’s beyond angering. There are absolutely no consistencies and to even try to understand any part of it in any logical level is literally enough to Crete a searing pain in your brain that makes you want to bash your brains out on pavement only because of the literal madness of this species.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Cant even enjoy or appreciate the complete and total definition of things that are non existant without people ruining it. The place that the morality becomes non existant so there is no feeling of guilt for the way women are treated in most explicit venues, and what follows it is a bunch of nonsense that the NSA is carefully logging and things that can be beyond mis construed and taken out of context, not to mention these idiots who talk about being younger than the age required to view such material making it far worse in a way that the art and lack of reality are becoming so loaded its beyond maddening. If you want to view whatever, who cares, do everyone a favor and leave us alone to appreciate the things in another realm in peace without your damn nonsense PLEASE. Good for you everyone has a time of which their matter is decaying which is a non fixed arbitrary non existant reality anyway. GO AWAY.

  • ugly girl 5 months ago

    Im pervert but i don’t like to have a boyfriend is even pervert!
    If boyfriend is over pervert thn he will keep asking for sex!

    • johhny cage 5 months ago

      what the flying fuck are u talking about? i assume u are: ugly (maybe), small age, virgin. +/or weird. and definately not a pervert.u dont know what kind of perverted pigs men can be. u dont know how deep in shit a man that has fallen in lust can go. well a woman trully falling in lust is an ugly spectacle also. maybe worse… return to your kindergarden asap… and learn some english also, i got dizzy reading your nonsense…

    • Cptn awesome 5 months ago

      I’m a pervert to but I only become one in private I’ll never do tht in front of girls cuz they will think I’m weird and disgusting so I turn on my little savior act and the girl is mine

  • meow im a pussy 5 months ago

    Man we have some LOL nerds here

  • meow im a pussy 5 months ago

    Ep 3 arrive now

  • Vegeta 5 months ago

    Broly fuck off !

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Yeah the doctor was the best

  • Gu Rock 5 months ago


  • well my cock is hard goodnight

  • 饭否

  • mynameislol 6 months ago

    I don’t think know one cares anon

  • i remember i fucked my sister man damn it was good

  • otaku 24\7 6 months ago

    a good hentai with vry good animation

  • A handicapped horny old man 6 months ago

    Makes me remember when I was just a little lad

  • I recommend this to everyone!

    • Vampire Kisser 6 months ago

      I have 2 sisters, why can’t they do me “favors” like that.

      • Anonymous 5 months ago

        I have three sister big breast and a tight cunt they blowjob me every time I feel like it

        • Anonymous 5 months ago

          Is that really?????

        • Anonymous 3 months ago

          u kno dats really fucked up bro

          • Ill wright your rongs 2 months ago

            Not really… “It’s wrong to watch porn/have sex with family if your a member of a church” speech is false because it is kind of like marriage between cousins and sister and brothers. It happens. Also, we are all cousins… Science :)

          • Ill wright your rongs 2 months ago

            Also, if two family members like each other its ok.

    • Broly 6 months ago

      Kakkorot….kakkorot…Grrrrrr…..hahahaaaa…..TIME TO DIE!!!!!!

    • Vegeta 5 months ago

      Fuck off goku

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    if had a women like them damn

  • Erina 6 months ago

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  • Ingridy 6 months ago

    Kick the tires and light the fires, problem oficafilly solved!

  • Abdallah Al-bri 6 months ago

    can any one tall me the way to download this video

  • Tony Cipriani 6 months ago

    Why can’t i be that lucky :’(

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    did the sister get more perverted than the first ep

  • This is the last hentai with a good beginning middle and end to it. R.I.P, good hentai.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    guys got craxy endurance

  • DarkAnimelover 7 months ago

    Personally I would Choose his Best Friend if i were the Guy She’s too damn HOT! and Sexy XD

  • 이..이꾸 7 months ago

  • hentailover 7 months ago

    i wish i got a sister like this but i have no sis zzzz

  • i confuse

  • DarkReaver 7 months ago

    this is nice!!

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    dat luky som’bitchey

  • ThatRandomDude 7 months ago

    I wish i have a sister like this

    but i have no sister ;-;

  • no one gives a shit 7 months ago


  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    its like the movie crank but with sex and your penis, not your life

  • Umm…doc… My penis gets really big when I watch hentai, but then it gets small again after I stop. Please help me with your treatment!!!

  • Anonymous 7 months ago


  • JohnSmith 7 months ago

    I want his treatment too.

  • Lucky Anime Guys 7 months ago

    he has to have occasional sex or his —- will get smaller? and his doctor helps him? THATS NOT A DISEASE , THATS A GIFT!

  • Nakamura 7 months ago

    Duds right about that.

  • Ichigo kurosaki 7 months ago

    Man do you know how many girls I can get with in bleach only if they want me that bad:)

  • rddddff 7 months ago


  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Could you get TSF Monogatari plz.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Hentai makes pimpin look easy

  • tantan 7 months ago

    Yeah i like im masturbate

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Lol part of the family having sex

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Load so slow on iphone!!

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    CUM CUM CUM ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiT

  • (no comment) 7 months ago


  • Pervette. (Female version of pervert.) 7 months ago

    Everytime I see any type of genre of Hentai I feel the need to RP to the Hentai. Anyone want to RP with me?

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Just watched Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki, it’s fucking good

  • anonymous 7 months ago

    Luck bastard got four girls… I want to be himm! :’(

  • Hentai Watcher 7 months ago

    Lol nice vid but admin u should add swing out sisters id apriciate that alot lol

  • Hinata 7 months ago

    I want a doctor like her .

  • weh?! di nga?! 7 months ago

    Mine is already hard

  • Sirzechs Azazel 7 months ago

    Loved it! The nurse was really cute, wish she had more parts. It would be cool if he got them all pregnant :)

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    How did they the voice acting for the boy?

  • The boy sounds like the voice of Amano Yukiteru in Mirai nikki .-.

  • Superman 7 months ago

    Beat my meat like it owed me money!

    • Average Joe 7 months ago

      Dats the gayest shit i eva heard

    • The fuck super man 7 months ago

      Y u beattin ur meat

      • Cause y not 7 months ago

        dood y not beating ur meat maks it feel gud

      • Anonymous 7 months ago

        It’s a hentai website you’re suposed to jerk off

        • Josie 1 month ago

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  • mother father gentleman 7 months ago

    I need to watch this again. The weather is cold. Iykwim~

  • unknown222 7 months ago

    This i like. I like this kind of hentai. Man, i am so jelous of him right now…. Doctor, nurse, sister and her best friend… And how can he keep on duing them and still get arrousd…. just WOW

  • Pokemon 7 months ago

    Who is fapping?

  • Anominous 7 months ago

    For some reason I can’t load my likes pages except for my first page

  • ''''''dddddddd 7 months ago


  • tdude 7 months ago

    I like it how the nurse came outta nowhere lol

  • Anonymous 7 months ago


  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Luckiest guy in the world

  • Furukawa 7 months ago

    This admin is legit it should have a storyline that lasts 12 episodes at least

  • Takashi-Komuro 7 months ago

    Hey admin would it be cool if you uploaded a kiss for the flower petals….please thanks

  • As add 7 months ago

    Wat a player he even got a doctor

  • boopaloop 7 months ago

    Steps to having sex in a hentai!

    1. Have a cock.

    Enjoy your gang bangs, kids!

  • Admin add swing out sisters


  • Random 7 months ago

    Please reupload kanojo x kanojo x kanojo x :( why did the admin had to remove it…

  • some random guy 7 months ago

    dam he got a five-way lucky basterd

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Pfff and they say pimping isn’t easy

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Admin please add in these hentai :

    Foxy nude
    My brothers wife
    Milk junkies

  • stupid monkey 7 months ago

    especially like 4 times every 12 hours its crazy your goin to end up like shocking pink
    trying to make platoons

  • stupid monkey 7 months ago

    they should make a 12 episode hentai like it should have some sexy times but not every episode
    especially like 4 times every 12 hours its crazy your goin to end up like shocking pink
    trying to make platoons

  • stupid monkey 7 months ago

    but really come on

  • stupid monkey 7 months ago

    ~(^o^)~ im kidding

  • stupid monkey 7 months ago


  • stupid monkey 7 months ago

    some of you cant type right

  • A Pokemon 7 months ago

    i nlove how in most animes there are a bunch of captin obvious moments heh heh makes me wanna put a gag ball ib the bitches mouth

  • i like censored hentai dont juge me i just like it

  • pissed customer 7 months ago

    can the lazy bums who own this awesome ass website upload some more god damn uncensored hentai ive seen half the hentai on hentaigasm and 87 percent of them are blurry around the private area its sometimes hard to tell if its going in the ass or pussy upload at least 8 more uncensored hentai then me and anyone who agrees wt me will be satisfied, and i know you guys can see this comment

    • Yes man 7 months ago

      sjit they dont give a damn about u. ur not even paying them

    • Mr. fappy 7 months ago

      I don’t think you understand japanese censorship laws dude, believe me if the folks here could take it off they would in a heartbeat.

      • Anonymous 7 months ago

        Realistically most ppl don’t know the laws. In truth only pubic hair censored. Also Hentai in reality is pervert in japanese porn over there is called ecchi or eroge. Their porn manga is realistically uncensored. I found out in a documentary called manga mad. Pretty much majority of japan read manga amd it is seen as a good thing cuz people”get their fill” and don’t do the “crime”. from a survay in tokyo most women feel safe walking around tokyo at night alone, but if they travel to say new york they don;t feel safe.

  • Hentai lover 7 months ago

    Finally this is subbed now I can understand what there saying but this is a really good hentai

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Change the name to kamisama fool god sama makes no sense sense kamisama means God


  • lucky

  • RAGER(likes sex) 7 months ago

    Seems fucking legit… akira x yuu + sana + sensei = LOTS OF SEX

  • Tomodoshi 7 months ago

    I so sad I wish I didn’t have friction burn from last night

  • nonamenofame 7 months ago

    extremely awesome – this upload makes my weekend!

    Thank you!

  • Hentaiforever 7 months ago

    I have to say its the best one in my years of watching hentai since I was 12.

  • THE ONLY ONE 7 months ago


  • Can you upload the anejiru series admin? Plz n thank yu

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    bring back tropical kiss

  • HELL YEAH! 7 months ago

    she fucken sreams soo loud FUCK

  • Zero° 7 months ago

    This had the single best of every thing single best (female) doctor single best sister single best nurse single best (female) friend and most of all single best treatment because being honest what kind a man whould not love to have that kind of (fake) ailment and having to get treated 3 to 4 time a day FUCK yea !

  • some anime are gone

  • lx1995 7 months ago

    is there gonna be a third episode ? afterall the is a little weird it has a third episode feel or look to it

  • For some reason Ialrighty knew what they were saying even when I saw the raw verison

  • Nice work admin

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    thank god they added subtitles

  • Kool-aide 7 months ago

    near the end, I was actually expecting the doctor to admit taking advantage of him, but no, it’s an actual hentai ailment lol

  • YAY!
    Finally #2

  • A person 7 months ago

    Very nice, very nice.

  • santa 7 months ago

    Onee-san simly means older sister- and is used like we use “Sis” or “bro” it can be used by close friends that have grown up together, there are several cases where it isn’t to be taken literally – especially in anime/manga.

    • Kool-aide 7 months ago

      Finally someone knows about honorifics! also, how would you describe a samurai’s cereal? sounds like a pun waiting to happen

  • Anonymous 7 months ago


  • Lets get more likes than raw people!

  • Mr.smiles:) 7 months ago

    hey isn’t this incest because she said big sister or i’m i wrong so says Mr.smiles:)

  • Breaking News 7 months ago

    This may result in taste of hentai.

  • that guy 7 months ago

    Finally it’s subbed