February 19, 2013

Hentai: Chikan No Licence

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  • Joseph Stalin 1 year ago

    Total shit. These girls didn’t look hungry enough.

  • fucking TRIGGERED 1 year ago

    pff… great yuri scene totally destroyed. why they push those dicks in every possible place your imagination just can comprehend.
    world needs more proper Yuri and not these half-baked cock-blocks.

  • Anonymous Again 1 year ago

    PLEASE DON’T READ THIS. The next day you will get kissed by a lesbian who will then stroke your penis in front of the public. You will embarrassed that all your friends are watching your penis getting sucked on. You then will die from the oral sex and causes your penis to burn and glow bright red, as it has been infected. You then die from your penis swelling up and from the embarrassing ebent that you just had. GOOD LUCK PERVERTS!!!

  • The Weird Girl Who Needs To Get A Life 2 years ago

    I hate it when people say hentai is suuuper bad because it isn’t that bad if its animated and not real

  • HentaiConnoisseur 2 years ago

    Makes no sense what-so-ever but it’s hentai, it was hot, and I want another!

  • ............ 3 years ago

    Omf this makes no sense but I’m a lesbian so fuck it. It was hot.

  • .......... 3 years ago

    WTF. Can someone please explain 1) what the fuck is going on, 2) why/how the fuck no one else on the train fucking notices (or if they do notice, don’t care), 3) what is the backstory, and 4) how the fuck is he doing it? That glowey subway card thing or what? And why did they not snap out of it even the TINIEST BIT when they saw thier sister in pain/distress?

    • Same person 3 years ago

      Also, where did he disappear to in the end, and why were they all acting normal (other than being really slutty and lesbian, and no, there is nothing wrong with being lesbian. I don’t give a fuck)?

      • Still the same 3 years ago

        If they re-post this at some point, for any reason, they need to translate the credits.

      • Shin-chan 1 year ago

        Yes it was the card, and it seems that the card warped the common sense of those around him, and with the girls, dirt all came down to good old fashion mind break

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Because this isnt a shounen manga where the power of friendship dominates mind control

      • Silence non-believer! The power of friendship dominates everything if you they believe hard enough.

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