• harambe 1 year ago

    This episode was sadder than my death :(

  • Eggman 1 year ago

    Maybe I can create attractive robots instead of combat robots. Hm..

  • Tails 1 year ago

    Guys I think she got pregnant.. WAIT WHY AM I HERE!

    • Inbreeding? 1 year ago

      If so, that baby is gonna have problems. He fucked with his sister now he partly ruined the life of a baby. Incest is a bitch! They couldn’t even afford to have a child. smh

      • I found that there’s a 75% chance a product of incest will be normal.

    • Nick Lerson 1 year ago

      good fucking joke and were’s fucking sonic

  • Knuckles 1 year ago

    I don’t know man… that strawberry part made me cringe.

  • Sonic 1 year ago

    Mmm… wish I had a sister like that.

  • RisingMist 1 year ago

    What the fuck even was that shit! It was so bad it was good, and managed to make me laugh without trying

  • Sigh 1 year ago

    I wish my brother would fuck me like that.

    • Hmmm 1 year ago

      So, you’re like a daddy’s girl but in brother form. Well, I can be your brother. lol ;-D

  • this shit hit me hard 1 year ago

    didnt expect to get hit with the feels. I almost cried

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