• Anonymous 2 months ago

    This dialog is like gasoline to my burning hard on. Not only it feels genuine, it’s as hot as a charizard’s asshole after a reverse flamethrower. If the dialog is from the original content, then my hat’s off to Orcsoft, if not, I don’t know who to thank, myanimelist doesn’t credit a screenwriter, but even if he didn’t wrote the dialog, Tomoaki Doshida did a good job with the storyboard, so a hip-hip-hurray for him as well.

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    Nani!? A fat guy who isnt a villian?
    Thats actually a nice change of pace.

    • Agreed 5 months ago

      she also sort of reminds me of moriah mills who’s a pornstar lol

      • Anonymous 4 months ago

        how lol

        • Kinkicam 4 months ago

          they’re both thick and have a similar skin tone also i was really into moriah mills so she automatically crossed my mind ;p

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    I’m just glad the fat guy wasn’t the normal sleazeball you get in 99% of other hentais

    • Harriet Sugarcookie 8 months ago

      Now all he needs to do is hit the gym and lose all that weight. Don’t neglect leg day! Squating is key and it’ll make you thrust harder and faster as you’re fucking her in bed. lol

    • C U Next Tuesday 6 months ago

      She’s a slut so they typically attract sleazeballs and vice versa. Regardless it’s always fun to fuck a slut as long as you keep yourself away from all their bullshit.

  • verpaill 9 months ago

    I kinda want the next ep to be her going back to the teacher. Not to somehow prove my nihilistic belief in not being able to “turn a hoe into a housewife.” But that extra bitterness would turn this into a legend.

  • FatherPio 10 months ago

    The comments section is all sorts of fucked.

  • Hestia (danmachi) 10 months ago

    Mmm I love chocolate with my vanilla!

  • Carly Parker (pornstar) 11 months ago

    All the condoms that motherfucker used. Her walls must of been wet as fuck! But in the end he did it raw, went deep inside and creampied the fuck out of that pussy!

  • This is one of the two hentai ever to make me have actual feelings koi maguwai is the other and now this? Yeah this is why I love being a pervert you can have feelings for a main character while your dick is around your hand or if your pussy is wet ya finger it. Love this shit man.

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