• Anonymous 9 months ago

    Illegal viewing→fuck you japan lol

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Japan is a really fucked up place huh? They need another nuke.

  • PaiNaruto 9 months ago

    is this ntr or cheating ?

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Uhh man this shit hurt my stomach I’m just gonna assume all Japanese niggas is just goofys

    • Silly kkk 9 months ago

      What you text is unfunny and hateful but that just how you where made full if stupid people who binding there child with hate.

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Serious question: why are so many hentai fixated on the idea of cuckolding and men with no spine? Is it a Japanese thing? A commentary on their men being weak? or am I just reading too far into it?

    • AlphaMales 9 months ago

      Those bombing raids and 2 atomic bombs really fucked them up…BIG TIME.

      Idk maybe Japan is taking a Western approach of becoming more gynocentric. I love women but that shit is wack. I’m a man. Period!

    • Asiaboo 9 months ago

      Maybe because of their demographics. In Asia not just Japan male outnumber female bigtime due to son preference and female infanticide, meaning there are more unmarried, singles thats why rape and adultery was a common thing not just in Japan but in Asia.

    • YourDemonLord69 8 months ago

      Idk much about hentai and cuckolding is something i havent seen much in hentai, but i do know this nikka here should of knocked both of them out and fucked her and boom happy story he was pissing me off when he didnt want to “save her” from being raped….honestly she asked to get raped

  • DarkFlameMaster 9 months ago

    I dont even blame the guy, like seriously what did she think was going to happen. . . I want a scene with the sister tbh that looks alot more interesting as long as she isnt a fuking idiot like the glasses girl

  • That dude is so beta it fucking hurts

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    This is one of the stranger hentai’s iv’e seen that doesn’t involve supernatural without doubt.

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