• What a shitshow the collective iq of the characters in it could not have been more than 5

  • This was fucking funny to watch. The girl was dumber than a bag a bricks.

    The whole thing started as asking out between 2 classmates, him being older apparently. so these feelings weren’t even settled yet to have any value. Then she outright said no to him asking her out. Then calls him her bitch. Tells him to not move to go out with her then proceed to BOOTY CALL 2 randoms she knows. Then gets surprised when to beat that pussy up. Calling him an idoit for doing what she said. Followed by having sex with him thus voiding the whole cucking thing, Afterwards, saying their non-existent relationship is over because he nutted. The next day, just eats her words and agrees.

    Real talk, This thot needs her tubes tied. Her genes cannot be allowed to continue. hahaha XD

  • Not even being sarcastic 7 months ago

    I literally lost brain cells watching this…

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    this girl is a retard, she asked for it lol

    • Shit Test 8 months ago

      She said not to intervene. It’s the shit test people! A kinky one at that and he failed miserable. Then again he is a masochist which is perfect for her to indulge her sadistic proclivities.

      Yup, that’s vocab for you idiots! lol jk

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