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February 8, 2013

Hentai: Aku No Onna Kanbu

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  • Anonymous 1 week ago


  • squal 3 weeks ago

    yea dis is whow u caposed tu spell lol

  • Buttmunch 1 month ago

    Why does everyone on this site have terrible grammar.

  • IloveHentai 1 month ago

    Hentai <3

  • Hentai Gurl 1 month ago

    Dont rape me

  • Uncencord 1 month ago


  • fuck or be fucked...UP 2 months ago

    y d fuck wood a girl piss hrslf just cuz sum guy told hr 2

    • Nymph Man 1 month ago

      Fuck or be fucked
      I Love incest Rapping 4 play R/P
      My cock is hard.

  • I dont like this site, they dont draw sexy, arousingg scenes, just the same, doggy style, leg spread crap D:

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    I got dressing all over me. Aww man not again.

  • Brandon sex demon 3 months ago

    Serena God dam I want to fuck a girl like that SO BAD
    Super cute xD , Was I the only person turned on more since she had a tail and she was happy *Wink wink

  • That face is priceless! XD XD XD

  • God, serena is so fucking cute… I’m not a furry either but honestly I’d love to fuck her any day…

  • anonymous fapper 4 months ago

    Do they ever get pregnant and is there more

  • Iwould recommend lover in law

  • congrats!

  • Kairo 4 months ago

    Man this is epic

  • justcomment 4 months ago

    hey guys don’t worry hentai rape isn’t real rape usually the victim is a slut and enjoys but I know how you feel about hating rape real rape is awful

  • Guy in Background 5 months ago

    I usually dislik rap but this video throughs that hatred out the window

  • Unknown 5 months ago

    WTF DID I JUST WATCHED~~~~~~~~!!!

  • Crevis 5 months ago

    Heh hehe heheh Yeh cool hehehe uh ehehe

  • Bunghole 5 months ago

    Ahehehe this was cool like super cool

  • Anonymous 5 months ago


  • reyjohn 5 months ago

    So harsh of you .!Tsk .
    Gentle fuck for virgins are cool :-)
    I know how to it well

  • Dark Zwei 5 months ago

    Urrgghh can’t they just get the two side even though I don’t know japanese I just only the subdudded ones it really bothers me cuz I dont understand japaense I guess I gotta learn it after all

  • Question 5 months ago

    Is this considered beastiality?

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    anyone want to full my ass up with some hot cum;)

  • XRumerTest 6 months ago

    Hello. And Bye.

  • HentaiFanaticTeg 8 months ago

    This is one of the best hentai’s i’ve ever watched! That’s coming from a guy who jerks off often too to a TON of hentai haha!

  • NoRegrets 8 months ago

    Fuck, the comment section on this site is worse than YouTube’s. That being said; penis, ass, vagina, boob.

  • seaaalllad 8 months ago

    help,I turned into a salad

  • Problem... 8 months ago

    This video isnt working… by the way kid, what you are doing is agienst the law in all countries… i suggest you get off before ” u know what” happens.

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      how watch cartoons agienest the law. we’re not killing or hurting anyone?

      • Anonymous 6 months ago

        How is watching cartoons agienest the law. We’re not killing or hurting anyone?

        • What he means is that if you are a person of a minor age then it is illegal for you to be on this site. Because although this is involves cartoon, ‘hentai’ is the meaning of anime porn, and minors are not allowed to watch this. I mean, if you are over the age where the law says you can do whatever you want, then go ahead. But I’m fourteen, so I shouldn’t even be on here, but whatever. It’s true what you said, we’re evolving now sooner than before with all technology and understanding that we feel that we’re mature enough to handle our own decision, at least I think I am. I’m also full aware of the consequences I may get, so…. yeah…

          • hentai isnt anime porn, they are too separet things kid, learn stuff

            • HentaiGaijin 4 months ago

              Actually, Hentai is anime porn. In Japan the word “Hentai” actually means a pervert or perverted and basically any type of animation is called anime in there even if its a Walt Disney Cartoon but overtime due to the influence of the western and other cultures these words became a more specific term that refers to a Japanese origin or style.

              So the word “Anime” now means a Japanese style animation and “Hentai” now also means a genre of perverted things or usually a perverted animation.

              To put it simply,

              Hentai + anime = Perverted + animation = Porn + Cartoon

          • A girl 4 months ago

            I’m a girl and I am 14!! I know it’s bad. But it’s only porn. If it was illegal they should have you verify your age or something when you enter the website, but they don’t. So.. eh.

  • Sirzechs Azazel 8 months ago

    I loved tge surprise vanilla in this. I fell in love with serena too lol.

  • dead guy 9 months ago

    Anonymous what country do you live?@^@?im confused…

  • Where can i download this video?

  • Raging guy 9 months ago

    Hey ima 13 year old and i love hentai!! But i aldo like yaoi also ima male

  • Raging guy 9 months ago

    You guys are assholes for wanting to rape dwm because you Already know they wouldnt want a disgusting pervert like you

  • aw hell yes 9 months ago

    My nigga

  • it takes such a long time to get to the yuri

  • Wish I had an emblem steal.

  • I just love to bang those two hot girl!

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    They need a Uncensored Version. Who is with me?

  • Animeking 11 months ago

    Love that they are both animals

  • Anonymous 11 months ago


  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    ugly draws.

  • sub zero 11 months ago

    me masturbe con todo

  • ABroStudios 1 year ago

    I like the worm.

  • Iceyy 1 year ago

    yes. just yes. idk why i never watched this before. lol

  • ThatOnePervert 1 year ago

    The baby blue haired chick is the best!!! @_@,,l,,

  • kizu 1 year ago


  • Fly Me To The Moon 1 year ago

    Is it wrong to pet my dog then think of this?

  • D. Maradona 1 year ago

    loliconn please

  • I sez: 1 year ago

    69th comment lol!

  • Anonymous 1 year ago


  • Wazzup 1 year ago

    Fucking in the middle of a battlefield know that creative

  • diftStaiP 1 year ago

    When applied to human tumors of different types, For those who fancy purses,People like that and are willing to pay for it.?

  • Steve 1 year ago

    Love how they only made 2 episodes of this series

  • Don't know what to do 1 year ago

    Guys a dick so don’t wanna fap but it’s sssssooooooo sexy that I want to so someone tell me what to doooooooooooooooiqqwëhsfgdsikBgsmjzsbhzjsmamazzjhszjmqzjhskmznzjmsgzzjsgdudnxgj “‘n?!,.’@”&$12 *i just crashed*

  • JoryPocog 1 year ago

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  • The Sex Informer 1 year ago

    Did you know that cum and bodily fluids that taste sweet means that you either have diabetes or a STI? If so, contact your doctor. Be safe kids and don’t have premarital Sex!! P.S. ( lol )

    • Dawg 1 year ago

      could also be that you ate a shit ton of pineapple

    • The Sex Corrector 1 year ago

      Except no, cum also tastes sweet when you take in a lot of fruit.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    So remember kids to get a harem you blackmail them.

    • Ha that’s true unless it’s an open relationship for the guy but a closed one for the girls but they don’t mind you fucking the others

  • Quinto 1 year ago

    Love the dog girl


  • Butts 1 year ago

    Why do you bother watching it and complain about what you saw when there’s clearly the ‘rape’ tag under the title? Just leave and watch your vanilla crap elsewhere. Sweejus. And, as stated before, it’s fiction. They’re freaking half-animals for crying out loud. What’s so terrifyingly real about that? Rape is a real thing and I don’t support the actions of rape upon living humans (or the dead ones, for creepy necromancers), but seriously, get over it.

    • kool-aide 1 year ago

      necrophiliacs. you mean necrophiliacs.

    • Anonymous 8 months ago

      Dude I get that your comments.all serious and shit. But necromancer s. really? Its necrophiles.

  • Tobuscus 1 year ago

    Fuck you PewDiePie!

    • porn girl 1 year ago

      screw you pews is awsome

      • kool-aide 1 year ago

        pew-dee-pai people say, shouldn’t it be pew-dai-pai? idk why I’m saying this here, and I think i must get talky after getting off cus i just posted like 6 times o_O

    • Jebus 1 year ago

      The real toby is actually good friends with pewds

  • no one gives a shit 1 year ago

    This is the funnyest shit i’ve ever seen x,D

  • Ryo_Saeba_FRANCE 1 year ago

    i like all Hentai but not the yaoi (Sorry if my english is bad)

  • Tenshi 1 year ago

    I love the face he makes when he comes out from under the bed.

  • Dafuq with the comments bro 1 year ago

    Just enjoy the hentai and fap

    Lets just hope one day we can have virtual reality where we can feel it too
    People have already made underwear for long distance relationships where they can feel each other using apps, which would give the same feeling as if they were right next to each other

    Believe my hentakus, one day 4D hentai will become reality

  • Somebody 1 year ago

    ..Now i actually want my boyfriend to be here D:
    it don’t know it was kinda cute how they smiled at the end :3

  • Beastlykiller56 1 year ago

    Why can life be this easy and sexy just wait people until technology gets this far and you’ll get your hentai needs this will be real at some point hentai characters will be real at some point.

  • Woah… What’s going on in the comments section?

  • Sakura Haruno 1 year ago

    Yay I love yuri

  • Unnamed 1 year ago


  • kinky

  • OOOO 1 year ago

    the one of the night SPLAT perfect i recommend it

  • SONYTOSHIBAMITSUBISHI 1 year ago something useful..Because there are literally zero productive members of society that watch porn. I could be a goddamn astronaut for all you guys know.

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Just because it isn’t real, Doesn’t mean it isn’t still sick. Dumbass.



    Listen kid, these aren’t real people. There is no suffering to enjoy. Ignoring the fact that it’s a damn CARTOON, most of it isn’t even real rape or incest. It’s pretend.
    No, I don’t need to calm “fown”. Quite calm actually, just fapped.
    I don’t give a fuck what other people think because I am not weak minded. And they certainly don’t give a fuck either, SINCE. IT. ISN’T. REAL.
    Yeah, taking life advice from some random fool would be among the dumbest things I could do.
    How about you stop projecting your insecurities and silly morals onto others and focus on yourself?

    • Shadow 1 year ago

      And what your doing is any different? Keep your personal opinions on other people to yourself because otherwise you’re just gonna make an even bigger ass of yourself.

  • Pinhead 1 year ago

    it about what hapened i lost control again.


      Take your meds buddy, it’ll help you, I promise.

  • Pinhead 1 year ago

    besides i ain’t got no freinds and my family hates me. okay are youvsqrisfied yet!! huh punk!

  • Pinhead 1 year ago


  • Pinhead 1 year ago

    sorry guys my alternative side got the best of me again… well when he feels satasfied he lets me take back control.

  • Pinhead 1 year ago

    fuck you critic i watched that show 3 times last week!


    I wish I could step through your monitor and slap some sense into you.


    speak for yourself buddy. And why do we like? Because all human beings are sick-fuck animals. Some of us are just more aware of it.

    p.s. a lot of raping and incest and pedophilia was going on in the olden times. Nothing new.


    and you hentai my need help.

    • The fuck 1 year ago

      To sonytoshibamisubishi just read your comment and the fuck just because we watch this doesn’t mean fuck we like we like so go fuck yourself and leave people be also the fuck you doing here!!!

    • Filipino 5 months ago

      Speak for yourself some people like this cause
      they can’t do this in reality

    • Filipino 5 months ago

      If you think so poorly of hentai than what the fuck
      are you doing on this site then?

  • Fuck Me 1 year ago

    Ummmph . I Feel Good !! Tsup Tsup .. >_-

  • lovehentai 1 year ago

    This is just awesome

  • Awkward person 1 year ago

    Woof woof* i’m a dolphin! Wait.. Wut?… 0_o (Aku no onna kanbu)

  • Gorillaz 1 year ago

    Emblem steaaaal

  • RE:that guy behind you 1 year ago


  • bill russo 1 year ago

    2 thumbs way up

  • Madmon 1 year ago

    Awesommee, I hope they make a third one

  • John Rocco 1 year ago

    Dang it i cant view it i click on it but them the screen goes black.

  • Mr mister 1 year ago

    If your really a sadistic rape fetishist check out rape rape rape
    It gets brutal

  • TheBaz 1 year ago

    You know you’re dealing with an artist that takes rape seriously when they include that blood.

  • that guy behind you... 1 year ago

    screaming EMBLEM STEEEEEEEEEEAL!!! translates to: this bitch be mine now! essentially

  • やおい 1 year ago


  • say whaaaaat 1 year ago

    just to ble

  • Lmao 1 year ago


  • Funniest shit I’ve ever seen.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    best idea ever
    needs more bandwith though

  • Arkaine 1 year ago

    first one i love this site