• Anonymous 7 months ago

    Is that guy Yu Narukami from persona 4

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    Good hentai. But i with the evil bae had more screen to be honest. She was easily hotter then most of the girls and her slaves or what not were kinda hot too. It woulda made a nice orgy

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    I want to fuck them dry

    • MAH RUSSIA!! 11 months ago

      you mean you want them to fuck you dry

      • Mount Rushmore 10 months ago

        That actually makes more sense. Also Frey FTW!! Love her brown skin and big titties. Sexy AF!!

  • Donald Trump 11 months ago

    I’m a idiot who fired a FBI director because I didn’t want a investigation upon my behalf and now I may get impeached because of it all because I shouldn’t have been voted for in the first fucking place by all the idiots who decided they wanted me as president instead of the wonderful Hillary Clinton

    • Barock Insane Ohbomb'em 11 months ago

      She was under investigation too and can still be prosecuted. Comey gave his statement PROVING Hillary is gulity as sin. Comey also told Trump on THREE seperate occasions that Trump wasn’t under investigation.

      Also Trump bombed Russia’s ally Syria making the Russian narrative even less believable. The Syrian’s are the one’s winning the war agianst ISIS. Those islamic terrorists are known to gas people yet they aren’t the one’s being accused for the gasing. No the Syria President / Dictator is being accused. It makes no sense but at least Trump won’t go to war with Syria so that’s good.

  • Samuel L. Jackson 11 months ago

    Needs a part 2 this was interesting but the succubus and the amazon need more screen

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    It’s Blade Play now lol

  • Barock Insane Obomba 1 year ago

    Trump did it! Phew…scapegoat invented my niggas and no I wasn’t born in freaking Kenya!! But Ted Cruz was definitely born in Canada! Ha!!

    • Samuel L. Jackson 11 months ago

      What the hell why are you here Barack Michelle’s gonna be pissed she catches you on here again

      • Barock Insane Ohbomb'em 11 months ago

        Michelle can come catch this dick like she does every night. Bitches be forgetting that I’m half white!

  • Gabby Goat 1 year ago

    So…to be continued?

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