Hentai Heroes, the 100% uncensored hentai game!

The Hentaigasm team all play in our free time.

Here’s why this is the best hentai game we’ve played.

Hentai Heroes let’s you start a harem of over 1000 girls.

There are parodies of your favorite anime girls.

You start by traveling to the hentai world.

Every single hentai image is uncensored.

Play right on your browser, click through the story.

Main hub with story, arena, quests, market, harem.

There’s always money to collect, players to fight, girls to get.

The most important thing is collecting more girls.

Here’s your harem with every girl you recruit.

Every girl gives you money over time.

With over 1000 girls, with more coming every month.

Money lets you buy more items to battle other players.

Collect more girls for more money and power.

Every month has new leaderboards for your fights.

Battles give you rewards, like more items and more girls.

Fight bosses or against other players with their harems.

Level up your harem to get rank 1.

Thumbnail source is: seikon no qwaser

The story keeps going, still not finished 5 years later.

There are tens of thousands of uncensored hentai images.

Some scenarios are pretty crazy.

The story mode is 100% free to play through completely.

Every scene gives you more experience and girls.

Playing through the story will add new girls to your harem.

Every girl you collect has their own gallery of images.

That’s over 1000 girls with over 3 scenes each!

This is the most addicting game we’ve tried.

It’s free to register, only an email is required.

Works on PC, Apple, and Android too!

The game is free to play and enjoy.

Get a huge harem like this absolutely free.

Hentai Heroes always have events for new rare girls.

Don’t miss out on this week’s rare girl.

Once in a life time girls that are extremely powerful.


July 4, 2024

Hentai: 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki


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    Hello, it’s possible to have the name of the gif ? Thanks

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    Seems like the ads being laid on pretty think again. I don’t say this to be mean but its just an overload of the senses to see it all, especially on the front page, just not a good first look. If i was new here and was bombarded by all these ads, id dip instantly. Again, not trying to be a dick and be rude. I love this site and am just trying to give constructive criticism.

    • admin 1 week ago

      these post ads are only once a week, usually one or two
      max on front page, hasn’t affected viewership or we would stop them

      • What's h is this the girl with pink hair and pink eyes 1 week ago


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      Gyakuten majo