• jimmy saville 5 years ago

    More rape/gangbang less love hentai

  • Surge 5 years ago

    Hey admin, upload Night When Evil Falls please.

  • Wow. That’s all i can say.

  • Cheque Please 5 years ago

    This guy is a BOSS!

  • Sallallallam 5 years ago

    That guy is nuts. Getting 2 sex slaves? Fine, I get that. Getting 3? OK, if he have body of steel, he may be able to handle it. But 6? Really? That is suicuide!

    • Not if you’ve trained and conditioned yourself for the job
      Sex is just like any physical activity, the more you do it the better you are at it

      • Childe Roland 5 years ago

        Well, yeah, but sex is a matter of limited returns. I’ve trained myself to fuck indefinitely, but the most orgasms I’ll give is four before I quit – whether I came or not. Unless your partner is really good at kinky shit to prolong the mood, sex stops being fun about an hour in. In my experience, at least.

        • Four orgasms? How long do each last (know that I’m half joking)

  • Loli-Master 5 years ago

    Yo Admin….i know it might be a tough thing to do, but can you chill out with all the rape and gang bang? this site only has 6 pages of videos and about 4 put together have rape/gang bang/forced videos. i mean this is like the opposite of a paradise for vanilla lovers (hell bascially). can’t you slow down on uploading and take your time to find romance and stuff. Everyone has their own taste in porn i know but maybe try enabling users to add their own? i got a few that you don’t got, i mean you can even have the feature set so that you have to approve it? or maybe we can send you files or zips with hentai? cuz i got quite a few romances (videos) that other fellow vanilla lovers would absolutely love to see. I’m 100% fairly confident that i speak on behalf of maybe a good 50~100 people that all these rapes videos are starting depress me (us). Its like why does rape out-class romance/love hentai? everyone loves fan-fictions from animes =(

    • Sure you can recommend any good vanilla series in comments and I’ll upload them!

      • Here’s one Ane Haramix. Four episodes

        • Ncumisa 4 years ago

          Hey, this is THE Brett from the story so sadly a few friends found this airtcle before I had the chance to tell them. Had to explain how playing D&D turned into going to the Hentai Cafe to stuff $20 down a dude’s pants

    • hades 5 years ago

      a lolicon dosent get to talk about ethics nor do i and i am a sadist so this is my type of hentai euphoria is better but this get the job done haha

    • Anonymous 3 years ago

      Because theres something about forcing a woman to have sex makes it hotter

  • Dickhead 5 years ago

    This guy is a major dickhead.

  • canttouchthis 5 years ago

    Wait so he got money,women,power,prestige and he has sex slave friking loads of them………that 1 ambicious task but he complete it by fucking woman and making them into his sex slave…..wow

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