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  • bitch please 3 years ago

    Guys a prick

  • Truth 3 years ago

    Admin. please ignore these whiny bumholes moaning anout he typeof Hentai. No one is forcing these dumbasses to watch shit. You gotta be real dumb fucking asshole to complain about something you don’t like when it clearly says in the tags what type it is. Get the fuck outta here.

    • Say what?! 3 years ago

      Your right truth. Nobdy is forcing them to watch it. But who in the first place said they watched? They looked at the tags and then possibly moved on to go find something else. Why did you assume they watched it first? I guess cuz in your own words your quote ” dumb fucking asshole “

      • Say what?! 3 years ago

        Also i forgot. Its called SPELL CHECK. You should use it dip shit. Also read what you typed before finalizing it and clicking comment cuz your sentence structure is equal to that of a 3rd grader. Again in your own words, your a ” dumb fucking asshole ” [by the way in my opinion that insult doesn't make sense. So your calling them an asshole that is fucking what? and doing it in a dumb way?]

        • grammar police 3 years ago

          “cuz” is not a word. The abbreviation for “you are” is “you’re”…not “your”. Brackets are a strange way to frame a side comment. Maybe go for both spell check and grammar check : )

          • Say what?! 3 years ago

            If you want to be that nit picky. Your first sentence should have started with a captial regardless if you started with a quote. The bracket sentence is a matter of taste not grammar so that could have been left out, and to finish this “:)” is not grammatically correct considering its an “imaginative facial expression” Mr. grammar police so you should have left that out. ….-cough BITCH! xD mw ha ha ha ha

          • hansel 3 years ago

            oof…somebody needs to lay off the energy drinks and testosterone pills

          • hansel 3 years ago

            I suck cocks better the las vegas prostitutes. I also like having butt sex with transexuals.

          • Anonymous 2 years ago

            God I hate people that’s why I wish I could have sex with anime men who just appear and give it to me straight

      • Anonymous 1 year ago

        Your both faggots for arguing on a hentai website. Just watch something, Jack off and continue your day.

    • He’s wright you know. No one here is putting the time or initiative or even the hard work in to make this site, you are the only one who has to decide what’s good and what’s bad. P.S. admin, I wanna take this time to thank you for the great videos, all of them, they are all great, like this site is, thank you admin.

    • anonimus 3 years ago

      i say rather than asking admin to “stop” uploading rape hentai you better share what video should be uploaded(a title request i mean)

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      Lol Tru

  • jimmy saville 3 years ago

    More rape/gangbang less love hentai

  • Surge 3 years ago

    Hey admin, upload Night When Evil Falls please.

  • Wow. That’s all i can say.

  • Cheque Please 3 years ago

    This guy is a BOSS!

  • Sallallallam 3 years ago

    That guy is nuts. Getting 2 sex slaves? Fine, I get that. Getting 3? OK, if he have body of steel, he may be able to handle it. But 6? Really? That is suicuide!

    • Not if you’ve trained and conditioned yourself for the job
      Sex is just like any physical activity, the more you do it the better you are at it

      • Childe Roland 3 years ago

        Well, yeah, but sex is a matter of limited returns. I’ve trained myself to fuck indefinitely, but the most orgasms I’ll give is four before I quit – whether I came or not. Unless your partner is really good at kinky shit to prolong the mood, sex stops being fun about an hour in. In my experience, at least.

        • Four orgasms? How long do each last (know that I’m half joking)

  • Loli-Master 3 years ago

    Yo Admin….i know it might be a tough thing to do, but can you chill out with all the rape and gang bang? this site only has 6 pages of videos and about 4 put together have rape/gang bang/forced videos. i mean this is like the opposite of a paradise for vanilla lovers (hell bascially). can’t you slow down on uploading and take your time to find romance and stuff. Everyone has their own taste in porn i know but maybe try enabling users to add their own? i got a few that you don’t got, i mean you can even have the feature set so that you have to approve it? or maybe we can send you files or zips with hentai? cuz i got quite a few romances (videos) that other fellow vanilla lovers would absolutely love to see. I’m 100% fairly confident that i speak on behalf of maybe a good 50~100 people that all these rapes videos are starting depress me (us). Its like why does rape out-class romance/love hentai? everyone loves fan-fictions from animes =(

    • Sure you can recommend any good vanilla series in comments and I’ll upload them!

      • Here’s one Ane Haramix. Four episodes

        • Ncumisa 3 years ago

          Hey, this is THE Brett from the story so sadly a few friends found this airtcle before I had the chance to tell them. Had to explain how playing D&D turned into going to the Hentai Cafe to stuff $20 down a dude’s pants

    • hades 3 years ago

      a lolicon dosent get to talk about ethics nor do i and i am a sadist so this is my type of hentai euphoria is better but this get the job done haha

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Because theres something about forcing a woman to have sex makes it hotter

  • Dickhead 3 years ago

    This guy is a major dickhead.

  • canttouchthis 3 years ago

    Wait so he got money,women,power,prestige and he has sex slave friking loads of them………that 1 ambicious task but he complete it by fucking woman and making them into his sex slave…

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