April 23, 2013

Hentai: Yokorenbo Immoral Mother

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    This shit is so fucking disgusting how can anyone get it up I don’t feel sad for Japan’s declining birth rate I hope their birth rate drops to zero if I have to continue to see shit like this I hope they all fucking die. Consensual sex is not a sin why is it so fucking hard to find? why does Japan think the rape is what makes people excited. I guess because they’re more fucked up than the rest of the world. Rape will never be art anyone that jerks off to this type of shit deserves to have their dick cut off I’m serious and I’m talking to you comment reader go find some decent consensual sex stop watching this shit you’re better than this I know what you’re thinking consensual sex is so hard to find that may be true however if you keep watching shit like this you’re only adding fuel to the fire stop watching this stuff so that they don’t get renowned if they don’t get Renown they can’t make money to make more of this shit support consensual sex hentai it feels better and you can get off faster I say that love is the best fucking aphrodisiac I am kind of pissed off I have to watch incest but I still prefer it to rape, rape is not something we should see this goddamn common if I could I would go back in time and find the person who made the first rape hentai and blow his fucking brains out all over his wife’s tits. I’ll get brain matter all over the kotatsu the walls and even the ceiling light. I want to see more rape where the man and his puny pathetic ass is getting raped I would jack off to that I want to see a rapist get fucking raped. I would climax in less than 2 minutes . But it’s never going to happen because Japanese men are too afraid of a real rapist I don’t want to see traps I don’t want to see consensual sex between two guys I want to see a guy rape a rapist in till his asshole bleeds and he dies.

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