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  • What the actual fuck. I was literally expecting someone, ANYONE to hear/see what was going on and kick the guys’ asses. Also who in there right fucking mind is as stupid or sadistic as these characters???? The female characters could have bitten down on and ripped off their dicks. That one girl was literally giving them hand jobs at one point this pisses me off to next extent

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    Rape would be really easy. Girls need to learn to scream louder.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago


  • weird ass girl 1 year ago

    This shit reminds me of boku no pico tf

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    I’m glad I watched this bullashit cause now I’m done with ducking hentai . If she could protect herself why didn’t she? Remembering This bullshit is the only thing that’s gonna stop me from watching hentai

    • Anonymous 1 year ago


    • Savior 1 year ago

      cry me a river, most hentai is rape so quit being such a little bitch and fap like your supposed to

      • Collin 1 year ago

        Just shut the fuck up or imma shove a cock inside, that would definitely shut that big bloody hole in ur face..if u r conscienceless person, that doesn’t mean everyone is like u, even if we watch hentai and even if most of the vids r rape and even if we chose to watch this vid, we have our opinions and we r free to share em… It’s a free country.. So stfu and gtfo if u can’t stand reality nasty motherfucker

  • There is no justice in hentai 1 year ago

    Lets dress him up make him suck our dicks,gang bang his girlfriend,gang bang his cousin and then make him fuck her himself,then go rape a teacher and have our way with her.WHAT A FUN DAY GUYS :D

    Yo who the fuck makes this sadistic shit?

    • Collin 1 year ago

      A motherfuckin director who probably got his cousin and gf fucked in front of him multiple times and then got raped himself

  • banana dude 1 year ago

    seriously hair job seriously what the fuck is that

  • Potato penis 1 year ago

    Hey what’s the best way to bully someone…… I know dress him up as a girl and make him suck our dicks, that’ll show him hahahahaha (like seriously? -_-)

  • H is a lifestyle choice 1 year ago

    Lo those guys are sadists love it

  • badnate 1 year ago

    Awesome hentai, always hot when they scream and beg to stop.