• The red hottie 3 years ago

    I could watch this all day, everyday

  • Gymnast 3 years ago

    Don’t u think that’s wrong

  • Massively huge hard on!

  • That Guy Over There 3 years ago

    Yeah sure the girls were really hot, but this wouldve probably sold way better if it ended up with both of them getting with the blue haired kid instead of being raped and impregnated by some gang. D: it’s one of those “sad boner” type hentais . Also, whose the red haired hentaigasm chick and what show is she from?

  • kawaii loli 3 years ago

    I’m a naughty little girl

  • Somebody u dont know 3 years ago

    Well this hentai shows alot of real life cause this happens everyday , it doesnt make life a bit more naive like most anime do. For the protogonist who was bullied i will say that his fault is everything because the anime wanted to show that by being weak and running away from ur responsibility u will hurt others because your life is connected with other people and because of the Yokun being a weakling and running away from responsibility made his loved ones suffer. And Yokun is very selfish u will see in EP2 if u will be able to understand it

  • bobshaTogy 3 years ago



  • Thmesamire 3 years ago



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