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  • NitPicker 1 week ago

    The Milk Party section of this episode lacks a part from the original manga: The guy’s friend gives him a pair of “human ear” headband to place on the cow.

  • first part 3 weeks ago

    fucking dumb girl

  • What the fuck was that at 22:55? Lol, someone has to like remix that part and upload it to YouTube or something lol.

  • Locust Drone 1 month ago

    Well…good thing I’m stoned while watching thise…otherwise,I would’ve chopped my arm and cook it with garlic to get the image out of my head.

  • Its Sounds so wrong guy who straight up fucks a cow. Watched this years ago and i still cant figure out why the fuck someone would buy a humanized cow just 4 some fakin milk m8. Jeez even though the second Story is way shorter its better daim son gotta invest in those Gene Research shit