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  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    For those who doesn’t get it, in the original manga, the cow is actually … well a cow. The guy used a magical headband to transform it into a human girl.

    • Anonymous 1 month ago

      Oh yes, for some reason, the cows in their world looks like humans with cow tails and ears. But still he was pretty disgusted to have sex with it at first.

      • Wrong. He got a headband to put human ears on the cow and make it lose it’s cow ears to like an actual human girl. His friends were talking about doing animals and relieving their stress that way. He got the headband and got thrned on cuz the cowgirl looked like a human girl

  • cunt

  • NitPicker 2 months ago

    The Milk Party section of this episode lacks a part from the original manga: The guy’s friend gives him a pair of “human ear” headband to place on the cow.

  • first part 2 months ago

    fucking dumb girl

  • What the fuck was that at 22:55? Lol, someone has to like remix that part and upload it to YouTube or something lol.

  • Locust Drone 3 months ago

    Well…good thing I’m stoned while watching thise…otherwise,I would’ve chopped my arm and cook it with garlic to get the image out of my head.

  • Its Sounds so wrong guy who straight up fucks a cow. Watched this years ago and i still cant figure out why the fuck someone would buy a humanized cow just 4 some fakin milk m8. Jeez even though the second Story is way shorter its better daim son gotta invest in those Gene Research shit

    • This just barely came out. The fuck you mean you watched this years ago? Did you get an early release of the hentai?