April 3, 2018

Hentai: Ura Jutaijima

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  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    Hope they add all endings / or just pregnant scenes in general.

  • AceKun 2 weeks ago

    Yup, finally the Jutaijima series return ^^

    • Pervert Master 2 weeks ago

      This a prequel though or another alternate sequence of the story. In Jutaijima this girls were recall and said died because the fat guy didn’t provide them enough ‘sustenance’ with his. If this is a prequel, pretty sure they’re gonna die in the end. A bad ending.

  • The Masked Newfag 2 weeks ago


    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      Thats the point.
      You want to see the girl degraded so hard by fucking a disgusting person. Its the idea behind it.
      If you dont like it AND complain instead of just dont caring you are either gay or female and im tending to the first

      • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

        You called him gay for not liking an over saturated market of disgusting fatbodies. Are you sure you like it because it is degrading, or rather because it is easier for you to pretend you’re in the main character’s place anon?

        • BtcHHH 2 weeks ago

          OH SHt damn omG WHY U DRAG HIM LIKE THAT

        • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

          I already wrote it.
          I get off if women are tortured and made into nothing else but cum dumpster.
          He said he disliked the fat guy, but thats the point. Faggot wants some hot ass sixpack dude, go to fucking gayporn man.
          Women are fucking objects.

          • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

            Wait wait, you’re calling him a faggot for not wanting to see an ugly whale? Fat people are fucking disgusting and never once did he mention anything about what kind of guy he wanted to see. He just wanted to not see some fat disgusting fuck. Seems like your logic is flawed and you’re just being spiteful. Maybe you do relate to these fat fuck main characters except that you can’t get any tail even if you tried. Women are not objects btw and that’s why you’ll die a virgin

          • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

            Imagine arguing in a hentai video comment section, you kids need to go outside lol.

          • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

            This post its so funny

        • The Masked Newfag 2 weeks ago

          Oh thank god, at least SOMEONE gets it.

        • 4ever Strong 1 week ago

          God damn that was savage as fuck

      • The Masked Newfag 2 weeks ago

        No, I actually DON’T want to see women degraded, because unlike you, I’M not a chauvinistic basement-dwelling piece of cocksucking shit with alpha male delusions.

        • ^^^^ anon #2 2 weeks ago

          ^^^^ someone with values and morals. Nice. Finally someone who is like minded.

        • Anonymous 1 week ago

          Are yoilu trying to whiteknight anime porn lmfao stfu you beta cuck male

          • The Masked Newfag 1 week ago

            >calls a desire for basic human decency “white knighting”
            >uses the word ‘cuck’ in a way that blatantly shows you have no fucking clue what it means
            Ah, that explains everything. You’re an alt-right fuckwit with a micropenis.

  • Nutrition 2 weeks ago

    Gotta get that calcium!!!

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    fucking sexy

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    So the main story is that they need semen to survive on the island or they die? LUL?? Can confirm or deny?

  • Fuk da bitches

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    Sequel? Bruh. I am first btw

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