• Easiest way to defeat NTR 1 year ago

    Skip the story and beat your meat to the sec scenes only. Remember NTR stories are always filled with retarded characters.

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Ikr!!! she didn’t even tell her husband about the problem or even leave a message to were she’s going before she got captured and not mention her enemy is a male also she did not even think of a counter plan/action like bring her husband even if he don’t know what’s going on he could still protect her or bring self defense tool’s, sigh

  • Ugly Bastards in Hentai are fuckin faggots 1 year ago

    Lmao, they fucking used Dan Bull’s FUCK CONTENT ID song at 20:16.

    I’m not surprised, as something as bad as this wouldn’t use something original.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Hate NTR… could have been great ruined by NTR

  • Yourboi 1 year ago

    This is great but! I feel bad for that guy!

  • ugandan knuckles 1 year ago

    Lead da wae mah bruddas

  • Anal freak 1 year ago


  • lance the hard core skater tamama 1 year ago

    Anal is my favorite genre

  • lance deathcore skater tamama 1 year ago

    Ya!y subs

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