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  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    One thing i freakin hate bout this is that they kept showing the guy’s face. How am i supposed to fap like that? Wtf

  • Hentai fan 8 months ago

    I read the chapter this is based on and the guy isn’t married to the chick. However the chick made a group where the guys that join are her boyfriends and they fuck her because she likes dicks that much. The guy really cares for the chick but still cant deal with whole sharing her.

  • Thatfapguy 8 months ago

    Why tf do they pass the guys faces too much during the sex, almost when they showed the guy talking

  • Random-san 8 months ago

    Actually, if you were to pay attention till the end, especially the end, both didn’t mind at all because apparently the husband has a rape, gangbang fetish and the wife too has fetish of getting gangbanged. So, they are both into it together. Firstly, one might thought this is gonna be like those ntr’s rape and the husband cries but NO! Apparenlty, this is one of the best rape hentais I ever watched with a happy end, LMAO!

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    Her voice reminds me of Saori hayami’s voice… which turned me on so much

  • The animation is so awkward.

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