• All of you under arrest

  • Jesus Christ 10 months ago

    This shit is illegal btw

    • TRIGGERED 10 months ago

      Yeah, fictional characters are illegal

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      not really illegal. for one the girl isnt real at all. for two they showed her changing ages threwout the episode so you obviously only watched the first like 9 minutes then call it illegal when she clearly turns to a age older than the boy himself. shes also DEAD so she is not the age she appears as. the only thing remotely illegal would be the beginning. and that was just to add some sort of plot instead of starting her off as a ghost immediately.and then the fact its unlikely anyone here would do such an act. and illegalizing it goes against the freedom of expression for artists. if you dont like it dont watch it simple as that so just shut the fuck up. personally i found the start sick, but i enjoyed watching her age and grow more dominant before she turned back.

  • lance tamama 10 months ago

    He taste the pussy man

  • what in pedophilia

  • I love the ending song :3

  • Mister Fucker 10 months ago

    LOL ….. Loli and Ghost
    *^* Hopeless

  • Paul Denino 10 months ago

    what the fuck

  • This is so fked up. My erection is ded

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