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  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    When they start spewing out about how they are gonna cum but go through 5 different sex positions before doing so in I assume a span of 5 seconds each. Like, damn sir

  • pink guy 1 year ago

    Gibe de pusi b0ss

  • lance tamama 1 year ago

    New hentai

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  • Otakusan 1 year ago

    can someone explain the plot?

    • looooooooooooool 1 year ago

      Okay, here goes…
      The rapists needed a base of operation; a place to avoid the authorities, where they can freely distribute their drugs to their consumers. Enter Mio.
      I think the blonde boob was their first victim. She may have been the one who betrayed Mio i.e. releasing classified information about her to the rapists. In episode 1, when Mio was walking in the hallway, she notices the blonde boob exiting out of a classroom, with the same professor in this episode. Mio questions her wondering why she was with the professor, and she ends up making a “bs” excuse about going over the “funds” with him.
      I think the blonde boob is the blue hair girl in episode 1. I mean, whatever happened to her, am I right?
      In this episode, we know what exactly happened with the blonde boob. Prior to this event, she notices an embezzlement and confronts the professor about it… and the rest, y’know what happens. The “funds” were used for their drug-operation.
      The maid was the real M.V.P of this series. She started putting a small quantity of drugs in their drink, so it goes unnoticed, and as the series progressed, the two rapists were over-dosing on their own recreational shit. She could have just dialed 911, imo… This was one of their two crucial mistakes. The other one was that they exposed their alibi, the professor.

      • HereForThePlot 1 year ago

        The blue hair girl was rape by the black hair guy in the pool and he bring her to Mio house now.The question is that how the blonde and pink girl ended up in the professor’s lab when they were in the pool in Ep 1 watching the blue girl being rape.Anyway props to Maid and really this hentai is good even though its rape,I hate rape but animation is making this good.

  • Lulu 1 year ago

    It took her that long to put something in their drink?! She could have done it during the last episode!

    • Punisher 1 year ago

      I agree like send a text to the cops or call me to kill them

  • Hentai fan 1 year ago

    Turns out the maid spiked their drinks. Don’t fuck with that maid

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