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  • What The Frick 1 week ago

    I literally almost cried. Stuff like this is increasing the chance for people to want to rape. I know there’s more rape hentais but I feel this is like too much. The blood was just… It’s like they’re trying to turn people on with the blood. The guys dick was freaking bloodied after he took the first girls virginity. ;-; And the girls keep saying it hurts over and over and the friend literally screamed. It’s so realistic it makes me sad.

    • rape 4 days ago

      I literally busted a nut

    • Fuck off with this ” ah this will make more people rape” bullshit, this is an outlet so that we can supress these urges

  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    Rape ruined the amazing animation on this hentai

  • sasha 2 weeks ago

    geez its not like they were watching her at school she could have dragged a friend to the bathroom making sure to leave her phone outside then took the friends phone and called the cops who could have came quietly.

  • Love that sweet sound of silence with rape in the background

  • Tell em you are a virgin. Increases your chances of not getting raped…. wonder who gave her that idea hahah

  • Boneless appetite 2 weeks ago

    Velouria stfu you have no respect to hentai thats how they make their show so stfu

  • Velouria 3 weeks ago

    The friends could’ve called the police…. Honestly…. Or the maid could’ve knocked out the guys in different ways like headbutt that blonde ass or kick one of the two asses and run or something…. Idk honestly

  • facepalm 3 weeks ago

    Typical japanese hentai logic. Getting raped to protect a friend only to have them all raped instead.

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