• Toyota Supra 3 weeks ago

    I am the king of the highway. Only the Godzilla will rival me.

  • HarRAPEDambe 1 month ago

    My personal evaluation:

    -Animations were amazing
    -Silence in rape scenes really emphasize the scene
    -Voice reactions to getting raped were topnotch
    -CG are beautifully drawn

    -Lack of music during the rape scene was kinda…. weird at first considering how many I’ve watched and are out there. I gave it praise for emphasis but I also give it criticism for being kinda bland
    -Dialogue was kinda…… stale but id does the job
    -No transition between dialogue which makes it feel choopy
    -The cum animation was kinda….. fast. As in instant fast. It needs more emphasis and a slower..well… cum rate. Not too slow but slow enough
    -Would’ve been perfect if it had x-ray

    Concluscion: solid 7 kinda out of 10. Needs a few “adjustments” but overall top qality hentai. Would keep you occupied and immersed for a while

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    What is wrong with me

  • donald trump is best pres btw 5 months ago

    the 2nd girl look like tsugumi from nisekoi mm

  • Unknown appetite 5 months ago

    Guys this is fornication

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