March 17, 2017

Hentai: Shinkyoku No Grimoire

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  • Anonymous 2 days ago

    Oh so thats a boy..? Doesnt look like one or sound like one… Wheres the yaoi tag?

    • Anonymous 2 days ago

      .. I think im done for awhile, this didnt turn me on at all. It kinda felt like a regular anime XD

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    3 letters. W T F.

  • Anonymous Again 3 months ago

    If any of y’all watched Seven Trinity or Trinity Seven can’t remember how it was, but this is more of a hentai, trap yaoi, tentacles.

  • Witterrr 4 months ago

    Bol what kind of fuckery is this bruh

  • Finally 4 months ago

    Finally some gay trap shit. I’ve been waiting for this all my life.

    But now I want more… hm. Back to dojins I guess…

  • Oiiii 4 months ago

    Isnt that bkue hair girl from pandara the animation?

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