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September 7, 2013

Hentai: Shin Hitou Meguri

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  • Uurggtythdu 2 months ago

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  • these bitches can slap there faces or even kick there balls yet they can’t run away because THEY ARE SLUTS OK SLUTS

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    This is sick and disgusting

  • Anymous 8 months ago

    Grabs shoulder instantly trapped. There is no hope now I guess I’ll kick him in the balls.

  • I’m sick of this shit, give me hentai with really good plot.

  • Nap Man... 9 months ago

    here’s a list of what to and what not to do when you are about to get raped in a place full of people who’ll help you….. What not to do 1 talk to your rapist while the rape you like your still all good but wtf? 2 not attempt 2 fight back… When being raped all’s fare game ball n eyes are the way to go 3 not scream 4 help when facing a overwhelming force……. What to do 1 scream to the f**king heavens b4 u get raped no need 2 be modest your only about to get raped.. 2 after release a warcry immediately grab an object capable of stabbing if theres none attempt to seem defenseless and when within range clap the targets ballsack and squeeze until you hear a popping sound 3 after the soul of your rapist has been sent to oblivion by your ball bust technique run 4 your life if you cannot escape….off the record use your thumbs in an attemt to gouge your rapists eyes and continue to punch really hard at the location under where the armpit is around the middle 4 at this point your rapist is either recovering from your self defence or you failed and are about to be raped if you were successful in ANY of the self defense steps (priority 1-2) your rapist has been stabbed or ball busted feel free to beat them to dea-unconscious u know like batman, seek help,wait 4 help or both if u failed in ANY attempt of self defense then struggle with all ur life claw rip bite and tear anything and everything become 1 with your inner…. look just stall long enough 4 someone to help

  • Fuck you anime makers 10 months ago

    For once give a hentai that is not a old man fucking a girl!!

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