• Miyashita Naomi 8 months ago


  • Karina porn 8 months ago

    white/gray haired snake girl is sexy as fuck

  • MaskedRapist 8 months ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song at the end?

    • Miyashita Naomi 8 months ago

      treasure – chami or so, just search shikkoku no shaga ed

  • Can’t wait for the next episode

  • I’m not complaining but technically shouldn’t this be under the demon category? These are demons make no mistake. A Tengu a Minotaur and a Lamia are all demons I rest my case.

  • Also I’m going to keep watching till he has sex with the Tengu I wonder how many episodes in it will be probably just like animated will be on the last episode.

  • You know these human bastards kind of remind me of YouTube commenters and commenters in general seem to be out for themselves. I’m not going to rant about justice but I will say that as you watch more and more hardcore stuff online you can’t go back to watching regular stuff. The only way you can go back to watching regular stuff is to change how debaucherous your mind is. Not every hentai has to be a fetish video. And I think less than 20% of them should be rape. Rape is easy to make there’s so much of it’s just distasteful and once you start watching rape you don’t go back unless you just find it sickening like I do. A lot of people consider sex with that Minotaur woman to be disgusting . But in the same way that’s how I view rape utterly sick and disgusting. I realize it’s a fetish but once you guys get older in you actually grow up you need more and more hardcore shit to keep a hard on. And that’s not good for you. Because eventually you’ll get into shiting and pissing on people. And it takes a really nasty son of a bitch to be into that. I don’t want to shame anyone even though that’s the way it appears I just want to say that it’s a one way street with no way back. You have to fix your mind frame so that you can watch Regular stuff again. I for one get really fucking rock hard when romance is involved. If a kiss is good enough it’ll give you a hard on. Unless you’re just an unfeeling bastard. But I’ve given every genre a chance I like lolicon because I don’t have to deal with gigantic bouncing beach balls and tit jobs to me don’t really get me off. It’s not what’s on her chest that gets me hard it’s what’s between her legs. Those beautiful cherry blossom Folds. Warm to the touch. Wet to the feel I do find it best when a woman’s vagina is more rough on the inside. And with a Minotaur you get that she’s very muscular. I would marry a Minotaur woman. She can carry me around because she’s a badass. Anyway that’s my fucking stupid comment of the day

    • Poopooman 8 months ago

      I see where your coming from, but people have there own thing no matter what so let’s let them enjoy what they like

      • Anonymous 4 months ago

        People piss and shit on each other will always be weird/feaky.

    • Anonymous 8 months ago

      u must be fun at parties

    • Anonymous 8 months ago

      For my view of things I would tend to agree. But it’s different watching porn than irl. Different things turn you on

  • And the cowgirl is more of a minotaur what a woman insanely strong leg muscles that’s pretty sexy I don’t know if I like the idea of being manhandled like he was but I bet it was one of the most intense orgasms you could ever experience.

    • The one that causes things... 8 months ago

      Hell yeah! I’d go for a strong woman like that! She might a bit traumatize by the shitty treatment from strangers, but treat her well and that sort of intense sex will be daily and filling complete!

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