• Anonymous 4 days ago

    By far my favorite hentai ever. It feels like it has at least some story and the animation and choices are the best.

  • Peter Griffan 1 week ago

    Damn bitch broke his neck like a chicken.

  • Cyberunique 1 week ago

    That kid never stood a fucking chance. On the bright side more pussy for us!! ;-D

  • Shameful 2 weeks ago

    Gosh why is it the males are always the pathetic people when it comes to this hentai. They have no idea there fucking an illusion. And yet they died to the end. This is embarrassing and hilarious.

    • Nationalist 2 weeks ago

      you basically get a complete cuck or a total dick. the nice guy pops up occasionally and the alpha male theme is pretty seldom

      • Shameful 2 weeks ago

        I have no idea what you are trying to tell me. But to let you know I’m a male. But I’m talking about the part where the snake whore was making fools out of the simple minded men having them hallucinate into an orgy. Next broke a weak ass loser’s neck like a chicken. Then killed the men near the end for proving there uselessness.

        • Really dude ? 6 days ago

          Probably because they’re side characters? I mean, when have a you seen a non MC stand out and not be an MC. Regardless the women in this world seem to be the most powerful, nothing wrong with that. If this fantasy world seems to strike your macho ego in an unsatisfactory manner consider wanking it something else?

  • JustthatGuy 4 weeks ago

    Does anyone else know any beefcake Hentais I can research because, that was amazing..

  • Is that majora’s mask in the tent?

  • Darwin Award 1 month ago

    She twisted that motherfucker’s neck! The evolutionary dead end was strong in him. Straight down to beta bitch hell you go boy!

    • Anonymous 1 month ago

      HAHA okay. I loved the “Dawrin award” part. Best comment of theyhr day

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