• Einstein 2 months ago

    The story/plot was unique, good ending music(pretty catchy tune), unlike other vanilla hentai that has always cliche scene/events, this was made differently. The oppai of snake bitch is legend. I’m sure it was carefully drawn by animator.

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    At the end why does the chick have a dick sticking out the top of her head

    • if only comment awards visits this website he will feature this comment

  • Sasugay 4 months ago

    Sasuke? Kurenai? Big snek monster? Owl that sounds like Orochimaru?
    What’s up with all these Naruto parallels?
    On another note, I thought it was hilarious when Cow Demon Lady just carried him off like that.

  • nudity_lover 5 months ago

    i think there’s a messages hidden from that kids scene. think to much with your dick, and you’ll end up dead pretty quick

  • Nationwide 6 months ago

    Pink pineapple need to start posting more frequently

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