March 2, 2017

Hentai: Shikkoku No Shaga The Animation

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  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Part 2 came out on the 25th of April

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    Part 2 anyone

  • Suspicious Person 4 months ago

    A hut in the woods with a girl living alone.

    Not suspicious at all so YOLO!!!

  • iNEEDMORE 5 months ago

    The first couple LMFAO

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    Please. Someone. Anyone. Make this an anime. Of course we can’t have to much shown in anime but this has a good plot! Flesh it out some more & it could definitely pass as some kind of anime! The only thing that made me feel weird was the two main characters. I felt more like they bond better like mother & son rather then lovers but eh. In the end, even with good plot, it’s still hentai.

  • Hatred Hearts 7 months ago

    Why what do you know. I guess love can make a man stupid.

    The guy saw her turning into a monster and have been devoured at the cost.

    It’s like a dumb prey trying to bond with it’s predator.

    • Alessa Savage 7 months ago

      That’s not love that’s lust. His dumbass just wanted to fuck her! And now he’s dead. Deserved! lol

      • Hatred Hearts 7 months ago

        I think your talking about the first guy of this episode. Which is the Wrong guy Alessa Savage. I’m talking about the guy at the near end of this story where he was saying he loves her no matter what. Until parts of her body transformed and eventually her whole body changed. That was the guy I believe was stupid. He saw what was happening to her. And now his loved died by being devoured.

        • Harsh 6 months ago

          Wow dude that was harsh. I mean I found it disgusting a little but he still loved her regardless.

        • Anonymous 5 months ago

          you can apply miss savage’s comment to both scenarios. they fit perfectly lol

  • Delia and Deidre 7 months ago

    The fucking is @ 8:20 and 18:00

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