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  • basokun 3 years ago

    Ounce you go black you never go back

    • lustly 3 years ago

      -giggles- your sure the fuck right

    • that guy 3 years ago

      no. once you go black you want ur dignity back.

      • Anonymous 3 years ago

        Fuck you…. … the beginning caught me off guard then i was like… “dem titties”

      • miah2solid 3 years ago

        No its once you go black you beat the shit talking fag an fuck there girls untill they like it like 99% of hentai rape

        • that guy 3 years ago

          once you go black ur babys on crack

        • that guy 3 years ago

          once you go black u want ur AIDS results back

        • that guy 3 years ago

          once you go black ur daddy wears orange and black(prison joke.)

        • that guy 3 years ago

          once you go black you’re a single mom

          • whasup yall 3 years ago

            fo a fellow black man yur kina racist yo. sem of um ar funy tho. lol

          • that guy 3 years ago

            it jus goes 2 sho ppl cant take a joke. and i find it absolutely pathetic racism still affects ppl lol. and naw im not racist.

    • Nivrrak 3 years ago

      You wonder where is your welfare check at.

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  • lustly 3 years ago

    more more more black dicks please

    • Anonymous 3 years ago

      The guy isn’t black, they just shade the characters dark when you’re supposed to self-insert yourself. It is to hide features and aid that.

  • lustly 3 years ago

    Yay about time for a huge black dick

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Wow this was poorly put together

  • Sigh.... 3 years ago

    Is that pedro? says Mr.smiles :)

  • WTF did I just watch?

  • Duragon 3 years ago

    Hell yeah a black dude finally

  • Jake the Poop 3 years ago

    I really hate hentai like this. This POV thing the creators try to do just doesnt work. Not making the male talk so that WE the viewer can imagine it to be us. It just doesnt work. The girl has to keep talking as if she is communicating with the wall. Not only that, its very boring how they show 1 angle of the girl getting fucked for like 30 seconds AND THEN show another. Thats enough to bore you.

    Animation is pretty nice though. Thats about it..

  • shadow 3 years ago

    nice faces

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