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  • melove 1 week ago

    i’m so wet

  • melove 1 week ago


  • Awesome anonymous 2 weeks ago

    I LOVE THIS!!! This is the best hentai I ever watched. Nice plot, cute characters, and not so much sex scenes. Like omeged.

  • kira yamato 3 weeks ago

    Waa so cool

  • Matzuki 4 weeks ago

    I’m so turned on by this

  • Colby 1 month ago

    Im 11 and a boy that was brutal and sad wtf is wrong with the world

    • Awesome anonymous 2 weeks ago

      Did you skip the vid? Cause if you did, you should regret that.

  • Suck otome 1 month ago

    Your a girl too

  • Skip the rape part and its actually kinda awesome. I have a big sister so the first 10 or so minutes really bugged me a lot.

  • Anonymous 2 months ago


  • Raven 2 months ago

    Everyone has things that they like… real rape, yes it is very bad and the person should be castrated and tortured but some people have a rape fetish which is perfectly fine people just need to know each others limits before hand.. well I think it would help a lot lol and not all people who have a rape fetish are “fat, sweaty, and old” there are those who like to rape and those who enjoy being raped… I don’t know lol i’m just going to stop writing I suck at arguing (/ 0)

  • Heatre 3 months ago

    I love it when rapists get they asses whipped!!!!!! I skipped the rape part! Love payback!

  • greed 3 months ago

    everything is sexy and turn me on but really insest REALLY JAPAN REALLY???!!!!

  • Lia-san 3 months ago

    11:47-11:50 lol :)))

  • hentai man 3 months ago

    rape rape I love rape

  • Thomas Wriley 4 months ago

    WHERE THE HECK ARE THE TENTACLES?!?! ( ノ°益°)ノ⌒ㅗㅡㅡㅗ

  • zakashi 4 months ago

    bad !!! I want this too,,but problem about age

  • Satellizer 4 months ago

    Yamiko just got horny after seeing Kuu’s squirt.

    Anyway, i sense good plot…

  • I’m wet

  • Ash ketchum 5 months ago

    Lick the shit out of it- LOL OMG IM DYING XD

  • oracion 5 months ago

    her pussy is tame… HAAHAHA!!!

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    “..your pussy speaks the truth” Ahahahahah! lolhentai

  • This Guy 5 months ago

    Revenge Rape=Justice!

  • NewGeneration 5 months ago


  • it wied

  • Your average porn/hentai guy 6 months ago

    Fuckin good

  • Netorare 6 months ago

    Mothafuckin NTR. tags please.

  • Vagina x Dick = ❤ 7 months ago

    I can’t watch a fucking shit -.-

  • thank you

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Wtf? I cant watch anything good

  • Make a censored and uncensored category nd ill return to this site for now watching other places

  • Megalo 7 months ago

    Les animes incest sont trop cool surtout entre mère et fils

  • Anon call me.

  • I’m female and thought it was hot. I’m not overweight or ugly i just like it. guess I’m into submission …

  • Jesus 8 months ago

    No one here is pro rape its just interesting to watch.. If the main character kills someone in a movie does that make the watcher pro murder?

    • Anonymous 8 months ago

      well said ppl complain about rape but u never see them complaint about murder.

  • Sting 8 months ago

    Pay back is a bitch



  • Pussylover 8 months ago


  • Anonymous 8 months ago


  • ghfjjklhl 8 months ago

    I bet Yamiko’s real intention was getting licked by Kyou after seeing how aroused Kuu was.

  • Anonymous 8 months ago


  • Verny 8 months ago

    Hentai vs real life porn u pick

    • 12 yr old girl 8 months ago


    • no one gives a shit 8 months ago

      Hentai of course

    • Ash ketchum 5 months ago

      Ok this is a one of a kind question to see how stupid you are. If you watch hentai but never have watched real porn, I’m sure you would pick hentai. But I’ve watched both, and still, hentai has storyline, characters, and even some parts without fucking. I think everyone would choose hentai over real. ASH KETCHUM THE ELITE POKEMON TRAINER OUT! PEACE.

  • pleasure 8 months ago

    I was hoping that the guy having sex with the purple hair girl at the end…

  • SmileB4DEATH 8 months ago

    Very kooool?

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    I jumped ahead for a sec and this chick was getting slapped around and for some reason I laughed lol

  • The laundryman 9 months ago

    Ya gotta love revenge rape, oh and ones on a train

  • Ending credits 9 months ago

    Some say she’s still standing by that fence…

  • hentai 9 months ago

    are you going to put up the second episode?

  • keith 9 months ago

    this! thing shet

  • Thank you admin :)

  • Does anyone know the name of the song in hentai’s ”trailer” at start in hentaigasm’s profile in xvideos?

    • a dream within a dream by The Glitch Mob

      • Anonymous 8 months ago

        What about the other one?? There was another song from xvideos but it had a catchy beat, do you know the song?

  • anybody know the song of the ”trailers” of hentai from hentaigasm’s profile in xvideos?

  • Simple viewer 9 months ago

    This the only kinda rape I find acceptable

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    When is next episode?

  • Hentai Prince 9 months ago

    I love this hentai it has a great story

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Next episode

  • Totoro 9 months ago

    Can’t next

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Next episode?

  • This is the type of rape episodes I like because it is pure payback!

  • Doraemon 9 months ago

    For every ignorant out there hating on rape FICTION :
    Please, do some research on Google by typing “women fantasize rape” before looking pathetic on the Internet.

  • admin next episode…..

  • Not bad at all

  • sir strokealot 9 months ago

    Plz add darkingrid

  • amazing sex

  • mr. Revenge Rape 9 months ago

    Need more like this i really like revenge rape they’re the best and thank you admin for putting this up

  • Pineapple&Cherries 9 months ago

    HMM,very very interesting.

  • Nivrrak 9 months ago

    Revenge Rape. Perfect revenge.

  • Mushroom 9 months ago


  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    hey anyone know if they makin another wizard girl ambitious

  • This Guy 9 months ago

    Hey hey, as long as the raped were acts of revenge and/or show rightful judgement, then I have no beef with it. I do not encourage anyone actually rape someone. It is only enjoyable within its limits.

  • COCAINE guy 9 months ago

    i love the jazz funky moment

  • someguy 9 months ago

    i never thought hentai was something to lecture about

  • Seek Help 9 months ago

    Ppl like all kinds of things. That doesnt make it right or good. I wouldnt expect sum1 who supports real rape to admit it. The only thing I could do is watch out 4 the ones who fantasize about it. If U like it its Urs 2 like but lets not pretend it cant have a negative influence on a persons mind. I hate the idea of rape as most humans do.

  • there’s a lot of girls who fantasize about rape just because it gives you a different feeling than normal sex does, the feeling of vulnerability and helplessness and a lot of guys because they’d like to take complete charge over a girl. just because someone fantasizes about rape and watches hentai/normal porn with rape in it, doesn’t mean they support rape. hentai is only a cartoon and if you watch a normal porn with rape in it everyone’s aware that it’s not something legit and that it’s all staged. that’s why it’s called fantasizing.

    • Anonymous 9 months ago

      It doesn’t matter how many times it is explained, those closed minded people just can’t get over it.

    • anongirl 9 months ago

      I just wanted to thank you for this comment. Honestly two thumbs up

  • fuck yall 9 months ago

    more plz

  • big black dick 9 months ago

    stop being a little bitch some girl like to be raped

  • I really wish for those who like rape, would be raped by some old fat sweaty guy and then lets see if they still like rape hm? :)

    • Doraemon 9 months ago

      It’s fucking fiction you idiot.
      Most of the girls masturbate by fantasizing it, go do some research before showing you ignorance over the Internet

      • Anonymous 9 months ago

        Yeah…. I mean dropping soap has been one of my biggest fantasies next to getting a physical from my priest

  • stfu:3 9 months ago

    i mean its not like rape they could kick and scream haha i think they like it;]

  • please bitch :3 9 months ago

    Can we all agrre on hating this rape type?

    • Anonymous 9 months ago


    • Ï LÏKË ÏT 9 months ago

      Srry i love rape on hentai :3 LIKe !

    • Never forget 9 months ago

      Yea im gonna have to agree with anonyoms

      • Midnightt 9 months ago

        I agree this rape is the worst but idiotic peons will be what they are bro no use telling them they just wanna beat there little weenies. I think they are most likely fat, sweaty, and disgusting people hence the reason they like rape.

        • LOL finally a voice of reason!!!!!!

          • This Guy 9 months ago

            That’s no voice of reason! That is a logical fallacy, a slippery slope! You assume that overweight people or “fat, sweaty, and disgusting people” like rape. What if there are girls who like rape. What about your average teen? How about someone who doesn’t fit the description of liking rape. I don’t speak for anyone, I would just like to point out the assumption you just committed.
            (Why am I lecturing at a hentai website????)

            • This Guy 9 months ago

              JUST WATCH THE HENTAI!! Why are you even here if you don’t like it?!
              You could care less but you still care..

              • Midnightt 9 months ago

                You sir are an idiot…I could care less but I still care? I am your average teen and the reason I say over weight people is because that makes up most of the community this type of site brings. I would like to point out that I said “Most Likely” referring to the chances that someone not fitting the description would watch it. I am here because I choose to be good sir and you cannot change that. But I now realize I have struck a nerve seeing as to how angry you have gotten and know I am doing my job well. ~Good Day Sir~

              • Anonymous 9 months ago

                I agree you are quite stupid …. Haha….ps fuck you

              • This Guy 9 months ago

                Anonymous, you mindless comment brought no insight nor any support to whom you’re trying to defend.
                A blunt response, but I still give no fucks.
                And Midnightt you may be right. You are right when it comes to the possibility of having “average” males here. I am no suck up; I am not trying to get into your “good side,” but if you are at a hentai website, enjoy what you want to watch. Don’t like rape? Cool.
                I have developed enough tolerance towards people I find annoying, so I am afraid nothing “snapped.” If it seems that way it’s because that is what websites like these are for. Let the fat disgusting guys do their thing. I’ll go on with my business. As the same goes for you. That is my compromise.

              • Midnightt 9 months ago

                @This Guy Yeah I get what your saying man its just a little disappointing that so much rape gets uploaded to this site, but what can you do haha.

              • mother father gentleman 9 months ago

                Rape Haters:

                No matter how long you explain about RAPE, it is still RAPE. Don’t put your beliefs about it. And don’t mix reality and fiction. Don’t like rape, then don’t comment and watch. That simple. We don’t need your explanation. We have diff types of fetishes with regards to hentai. So pls STFU. We’ll still continue to watch rape hentais.

              • Someone 8 months ago

                Agreeing with gentleman if u dont like it, dont be here to watch it….but if ur like me who may not care for rape, execpt for this kind…if u gave it a chance past the first scene, u’d realize the rest of this series is about the MC getting revenge on the other girls who ordered the guy to rape his sister, and after seeing the whole ep….those bitches deserved it. In a normal circumstance a woman doesnt deserve to be raped…..but if that was my sister and that happened…I’d be goin to rape those bitches to and give em a taste of their own medicine…..think of the bright side….least he didnt go on a murdering spree and killed everyone(though he did kick the ass of the guy who raped his sister, but thats another story)

  • Tyrone 9 months ago

    For real where that second episode at

  • i would like to see more my self

  • Yoooo dat nurse. So freaking hot!

  • bitch please 9 months ago

    I want more of this series

  • Tyrone 9 months ago

    Haha ill check that shit out

  • now THIS is a hentai with GOOD plot, didnt even have time to fap

  • Mr.Dicky 9 months ago

    AHHHH I like this one

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Cummed so much!

  • Mhmmm the nurse is soso hot

  • lolol.