• Oppai 6 days ago

    Tf is kazuma doing hahaha

  • *__* 1 week ago

    Rance’s just so goddamn handsome but quite fuckin annoyingly proud snob. I’d love to rape and angry fuck him good. I’d show this fucker its true place.

  • (;_;)(•_•)(._.) 1 week ago

    So uh yeah… wait what… is this based off of a game or something or what the fuck this feels like a 90’s Ero game getting an hentai adaptation or am i just dumb

  • Oopsie 3 months ago

    Just a little fyi , rance has been around since early 90s

  • best hentai 420/69

  • DatBoi 6 months ago

    We need more heroes like Rance in Anime lol

  • Still waiting 6 months ago

    When is the next season cumming?

  • This is no rape is justice XD

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