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  • The Materialist Space Emperor 2 months ago i’m starting watch alot of hentai’s again.. Must…STOP!!!…oh wait i have an internet filter… *activates internet filter* Okay now after i’m done here i won’t see this things again.. I must run my space empire and destroy celestial beings and go after Jesus’s spaceship.

  • How download this?

  • boom dickhead 3 months ago

    Can you upload the second episode of Pretty X Cation The Animation dickhead? Like wtf you losers sometimes just don’t upload the rest of some series like Euphoria, Rasen Sokou no Dystopia and probably some other shit as well idk. Maybe it would be weird to upload the rest after so long, bu idc just do it loser. That’s what I call a gamer shot.

  • This is Pretty X Cation 2 The Animation, not Pretty X Cation The Animation 2

  • Unknown woman 3 months ago

    Where is the devil