April 10, 2013

Hentai: Pet Life

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  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    It is pretty sad that they won’t make any more of this. The voicing and the music really brought the manga to life. The latter half of this episode where it plays the melancholy music and shows Nodoka drowning in pleasure while having her memories with Kazuya flashing through her mind is stellar. She is having her feelings overwritten and Kazuya is totally oblivious. This despite all the sexual advances the jerk makes toward his childhood friend right in front of him. To have the vacuous villain, whose only goal is to fuck girls and feel good, look down on Kazuya for his witlessness is exactly what you want for this genre, like losing to a loser. Makes for good humiliation for Kazuya. To have some somber music playing for the “vanilla” scene when Kazuya and Nodoka finally get together and he begins his descent into paranoia would work well. And I just love how Nodoka is portrayed at the end of this episode, where she is finally defiant toward the villain despite the fact that he had her moaning and groaning and moistening his cock for the last hour or so, ultimately dumping load after load into her pussy is great. It even had the frequent cuts to oblivious Kazuya, as if urging him to do something, it’s not too late to act, he can change the outcome, etc.

  • please create more pet life. 2 months ago

    Please create more of this

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