April 10, 2013

Hentai: Pet Life

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  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    fucked up as shit and doesn’t make sense

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    this hentai is fucking gey

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    This is not NTR. The boyfriend is busy in class and wouldn’t ordinarily be having sex with his girlfriend at this time (see nirvana fallacy), so she isn’t being “stolen” but simply borrowed. “NTR” also has a negative connotation, but nothing negative happens here. The jerk isn’t taking anything away from the girl; in fact, he is giving her sexual gratification and bodily fluids, so the boyfriend should actually feel thankful for the philanthropy. Finally, the knowledge that the girl he loves is so devoted to him that she feels emotionally faithful to him despite her being temporarily internally occupied by another guy should absolutely put his mind at ease. So yeah, this is actually a vanilla true love story.

  • anonymous 7 months ago

    Good art but the author put no thought into the story at all just some good animation thrown together. The girls are all in the locker room, the one blonde bitch who obviously seems to like the dude our main female likes makes a comment about it, main female drops her bag of underwear in front of all the other girls, stays behind to finish brushing her hair as the other bitches are dressed & leaving. Bitch with glasses finds bag of underwear around the corner, like how the fuck did it get there & instead of asking main bitch who’s underwear it is she sticks it in some random locker. THEN our pervert/rapist gives the excuse that he was eating lunch & then started looking for snacks afterwards. Motherfucker in the girls locker room & he just happens to find this bitches underwear & gets an upskirt shot of her & THIS guy is considered popular in this school because of his pervertedness. Instead of this bitch screaming rapist or pervert she stays & lets this dude fondle & fuck her. You just cannot pay any attention to the stories of most hentai because they are almost always going to be simple caveman stupid storylines of rape, blackmail & hypnotism. I mean fantasy is one thing but a lot of it is just stupid. I’ve lived in Japan & made lots of friends there, hentai & JAV porn at least the guys I know, is a really dumb representation of Japanese males, I dunno why authors & producers base sooo much of it the way they do…

  • Hi I'm The One 7 months ago

    Part 2

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Fuck this shit

  • Venting 1 year ago

    That fucking asshole blackmailed her! Report his ass even if the pics leak. She’s the victim who’ll get all help and sympathy while that asshole will be severely punished! Never be with a guy like him. Let him live and die childless and alone!

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