July 30, 2018

Hentai: Ore Ga Kanojo O Su Wake

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  • John Marston 7 months ago

    If that fucker came to my house and does that I would beat the shit outta him.

    • 8========D 7 months ago

      Yeah yeah shit stain

      • John Marston 7 months ago

        Somebody thinks they’re the wolf in the pack.

        • Anonymous 4 months ago

          If someone would be a wolf in a pack than the whole pack exists of wolves so actually its not that special to just be one

  • ThatOneGuy 7 months ago

    I love a happy ending~

  • Ekmxseraphim 7 months ago


  • FuckMeSideways 7 months ago

    I always wonder why they come up with so much cheating stuff kinda makes you not want to be in a relationship am I right guys? I know this isint even close to real but it puts a seed of doubt in your mind no?

    • justpassingby 7 months ago

      lel i totally agree xD

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      Yeah I know what you mean it’s meaks you shit, I mean we’re here for only one reason but…

    • Yeah I know what you mean it’s meaks you shit, I mean we’re here for only one reason but…

  • Eromanga 7 months ago

    That poition seems too strong that let NTR to be so easy…XD ,which made me feel strange by this episode.I think the discipline should be pure,why add some ntr so force break..

  • NtrLolis 7 months ago

    This episode is ntr at its finest. I blammed at the point where they crawled
    To suck his nigger cock in front of his brother. Guy is so fucking cucked dude.

  • The pizzaboi is a swaggydude

  • Ok,i guess the point of a hentai is for pleasure but hentai like this get me wondering is it even worth it to have a wife cause they are easily broken. Which is why i think its better not to marry cause its just gonna cause to pain. Well this was just my thought. No offence to anyone.

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      You’re a fuckin’ idiot if you think this translates at all into real life.

    • Its not like that buddy think about it from a guy perspective as well you cant get hard for a bitch you find absolutely repulsive its similar concept you cant force her to enjoy it specially if she doesnt want it. I get what you mean about not wanting to marry cuz shit could go wrong but that’s life just be rich can afford to fuck 10s and not give a dam about love because you want their body And they want your money

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