July 8, 2018

Hentai: Ore Ga Kanojo O Su Wake

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  • Just browsing.. 4 days ago

    I wanna kill the uncle since the first Fucking episode

  • Disappointment 5 days ago

    Damnit Hentaigasm you had one job just one and you fucked it up I’m not mad I’m just disappointed

    • Disappointment 5 days ago

      Dammit^ dammit me I had one job and I ducked it up I’m not mad I’m just disappointed

      • Disappointment 5 days ago

        Fucked^ oh god now I see why my parents named me disappointment

  • The man 1 week ago

    All for a pill, god, that cop was…wow.

  • Fake boobs 1 week ago

    Best cop in world

  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    Wish the uncle would die or something

  • Hentai logic 1 week ago

    She’s doing this all for a morning after pill from him

  • hentai hunter 1 week ago


  • Topu Keku 1 week ago

    Okay, she was a brat but I feel so bad for her..

    • this guy 1 week ago

      i dont get why there are so many hentais like this….a girl being raped and tortured…who gets off to this? i just feel really bad for the girl.. no idea how anyone could cum watching this shit.

      • for that one guy 1 week ago

        A: there is a lot of EVERYTHING out there im just happy it isn’t another shitty NTR/Gore/Vore crap
        B: “Everybody” gets off to this cause there’s fetishes/wants/whatever for everybody no such thing as “normal” the concept itself is bullshit anyways.
        C: You can cum to legit anything your heart/soul/whatever don’t matter at all i mean seriously if somebody wanted you hard/wet/whatever they could, it’s just physical contact or drugs easy as hell to get either of those. Yes it sucks people can’t actually do anything about themselves but so what and don’t bullshit saying “i can control my body without anybody being able to do shit to me” not even flipping fictional characters pull that shit off unless the plot armor is beyond retarded.
        D: It’s fucking hentai/porn why the fuck are you having some form of crisis over this all you do in these most the time is be brain dead masturbating an then be bored out of your mind cause you’ve let the tension go. (well not really but eh stress relief is almost the only reason in this era as to why you’d fap)