• Ok, but why the fuck did you compare boobs with yin and yang

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Ugh, I got more into the storyline than anything…Now I’m sad.

    • Mr.anon 1 year ago

      That makes two of us I lterally discovered this series about a week ago and the character design and story line are what really enthralled me then the sex, and that ending just plain pissed me off. I mean what happend to bayyako (the cat girl) afterwords? What was the deal with hitler at the end? (That part freaked me out) and finally what happend to the other girls did they just up and stop exsiting alltogether? I also really hate how in some (if not most) hentais at the end the bad guy wins and this ending was just a big downer to me and again WTH happend to bayyko at the end seriously!?

      • ANON 1 year ago

        I couldnt agree more…. I am now sad as FUCK! I mean seriously!? What happend to bayyako? What happend to the other girls? What the hell was up with Hitler at the end!?!?!!? That was just completely left field right there!? I mean seriously what the hell is the Nazi fuhrer of the third reich there!?! That was just whack!?! Seriously the story just plain took me by storm and and again I also want to know what became of poor bayyako!??? I also have to say I really hate how in most hentais the bad guy wins and the whole series was just one big down spiraling downer

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      I know!! I wanna know what happens to the tiger girl!

  • What is the name of the song in the ending?

  • Meme queen 2 years ago

    Never been this confused watching porn

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