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December 31, 2016

Hentai: Oni Chichi Refresh

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  • El Garto 2 months ago

    4:10 was that a reference to Liru xD

  • PaiNaruto 2 months ago


  • pussyxslayer 2 months ago

    during* night

  • pussyxslayer 2 months ago

    03:22 He’s amused by the lack of concentration while she is giving him a hand job. May be, that’s why he decided to discipline Airi cuz WE KNOW HE LIKES IT!
    The scene where they kidnap Sana may have happened after this. H doesn’t have set time period, and both of this scene was at night.
    They purposely hide the other guy’s face because it may have been probably her father. I mean, there’s no reason whatsoever to kidnap Sana if their main target is Airi.

  • pussyxslayer 2 months ago

    Guys, this is not a NTR!
    First of all, Oni Chichi Vacation is the sequel to this. Refresh = Summer. Vacation = Winter.
    Secondly, if y’all have watched Rebirth, the same scenario plays on this one, too. Airi gets NTR’d, only to be find out later that it was all planned by her father and his accomplice.
    This is Oni Chichi we are talking about. This series wasn’t “vanilla” to begin with.
    I notice something while watching this. The brown hair dude has tanned skin while the one violating Airi has pale skin and somewhat womanly hands. I don’t get why he would need to cover his entire body unless it is none other than Sana.
    Proof: compare both hands 10:29 and 11:06
    That penis is authentic. Looks like a two way dildo to me by the way it moves. Did it ejacuate? Nope! It just got cut off.
    Another proof: MC didn’t even retaliate while Airi was savagely violated by some other “dude”. It is definitely one of his scheme. Whether it is Sana or not, MC, for some reason, loves to share his meat with others i.e. Oni Chichi 1 where he lets Sana be raped by Marina’s boyfriend just to prove his point that all men are dogs… and he wanted to have Marina all by himself. And also, in Rebirth, we know that he’s comfortable with sharing both Airi and Sana with another men (the one who supplied him with those potion).

    • Lord Imperial 2 months ago

      I must confess to even notice the change is brilliant. I gotta admit i’m impressed

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    Such good series they aded NTR. This is not what I expected to be such a let down

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    What a letdown

  • Anonymous 2 months ago


  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    i agree

  • Hentai fan 2 months ago

    A year of waiting just for it to be a letdown.