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January 3, 2016

Hentai: Oni Chichi Refresh

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  • That-Hopeful-Idiot 10 months ago

    The guy below me.. TL DR
    However, I really appreciate your effort.We need more people like you, putting effort in things like orienting details.. Hats off to you sir or madam~

  • Yooo guys it’s Epic again, long time no see, my last review happened on the last episode of Oni Chichi Refresh and it was 4 months ago and the second episode came out ! I know for a fact that it came out shortly after I made my review so I’m pretty late for the second episode’s one, I know that some people were waiting for it, sorry guys ! So here we are, the second episode of Refresh, so much stuff to say about this… First of all the one that saved Airi was the lifeguard, as expected, seems like a cool guy but still have my doubts on him. We finally get some solo Sana action, it’s been so long ! And I guess it was bound to happen, pretty good though. Then we see the lifeguard going to talk to Airi, don’t know what he said though. The barbecue scene was really funny with Kouzo comparing the meat and beer to Airi saying they’re all delicious and then trying to turn on Airi but was rejected haha. Then Airi said that Marina would come the next day, which is great news ! Finally we’ll get to see Marina ! At this point the episode became a combination of surprises and shocks, first off the sex scene with Airi was amazing, one of the best with her, she was being so cute with trying to look like a couple, then that kiss, and that hug… As Airi said they never really normally kissed like that, then the scene looked like a cute couple vanilla one, even though Kouzo wasn’t reacting at first as if he was in thought, probably trying to understand why Airi was like that. And when he makes the comments that please Airi and makes her have a surprised face, he does that at almost every scene. I really love when Airi shows her love like that and behaves like a cute girl. But after that, Sana was actually filming and there’s the flashback where you learn that Airi was fucking acting so that Sana could record her “cute side”. But what really shocked me was that Airi starts telling Kouzo that she wants to stop “this”, her relationship. She was kind of playing dumb too when saying “I’m a kid so I can’t understand what liking someone is like” or whatever. At first I thought it was part of the act but then Sana moves and starts thinking about that last part that Airi was talking about, not understanding, which means that she does not know about it. Maybe the lifeguard told her to stop during their little chat, or maybe Airi just wants to see how Kouzo will react to the idea of Airi not loving him, that would show his true feelings and it sounds like something Airi would do. Then of course, wtf, Sana gets kidnapped by that asshole trying to hit on Airi in first ep, his plan is to make Airi come to him. That guy doesn’t know what’s coming to him if Kouzo learns about this. If his plan does work though it will end up in rape and NTR (Netorare), please no, I would hate it if the series goes there. Who knows it’s even possible that the lifeguard is the real mastermind behind the kidnapping. I don’t know what ending is worse, Sana getting kidnapped or Airi saying “Let’s stop this, okay dad ?”. Can’t wait for third episode to see what’s in Airi’s mind, Kouzo’s reaction and what he’ll do for Sana (knowing him he’ll find a way no problem, Kouzo would never let Netorare happen with Airi, don’t know about Sana though) and let’s not forget Marina’s arrival ! We’ll probably have a lot of Marina scenes next ep to make up for Airi having such a great scene and multiple others, since they should be equal. Thanks for reading guys, hope you like my reviews and you’ll definitely find me when the third episode comes out on Hentaigasm, see ya ! :P

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    always watch hentai guys or not x_x

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