• so just based on the dumbass comments on some videos here im assuming there are probably underage people here so just so you know washing ur genitals does not prevent STDs that first scene where they do that is fucking dumb as shit you cant just wash disease off of yourself

    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      who the fuck gets his sex education from hentai?

    • True true 1 week ago

      They should have like an ID, health records, something else it’s like red District.

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    Wanted to be first to comment one of the best hentai loved the pole dancing scene

  • Great Bearded Lady 2 weeks ago

    They should really put NTR tags.here

    • What the fuck is that?

      • GET off this website kid. If you don’t know what ntr is then ILL SHOW MAKE YOU SUCK THE BEARDED LADYS TRA LA LA OHHH HER DING DING DONG

    • Crowz 2 weeks ago

      It’s not NTR though, no one was stolen, they swapped partners with consent.
      Also he didn’t start dating the girl he ”swapped” until the end of the episode, after the swapping happened.
      And even if that wasn’t the case, he didn’t steal her away, she didn’t even say he was better than the other guy in any way, although it was certainly implied that he was.

      • Great Bearded Lady 2 weeks ago

        I didn’t say it was NTR, im just saying they should put soe in here.dumbass. Now.suck my cock fucktard

  • The WTF guy 2 weeks ago

    :D :D :D :D :D

  • pink guy 2 weeks ago

    Gibe de pusi b0ss

  • lance tamama 2 weeks ago

    Shit no anal sex

    • to Lance tamama 2 weeks ago

      People who love anal sex are fags, go watch gay porn.

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    this is actually a manga

  • Some guy 2 weeks ago

    Well subs are out….

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