June 23, 2018

Hentai: Nuresuke Jk Amayadori Rape

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  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    The only thing that could improve this quality story is if the girl had a childhood friend who had been in love with her for a long time. Being from a small town and the two being the only ones their age it would come as a surprise to everyone that she was routinely seen furtively entering the local hotel with a fat, ugly, older man from the big city who already has a family and daughter their age, rather than slowly moving forward with the fated union with her longtime friend. The older man, who could simply produce another child with the wife he already has, deigns instead to cuckold the younger man and steal from him his only romantic option, unless and until he moves away from the rural town to seek new horizons. Meanwhile the townspeople are powerless to resist the repeated visitations made by the feudal lord, as such are desired by the princess, and the friend is unable to do more than to stand without the castle, frustratingly forced to impotently overhear the sounds of copulation and procreation and nothing more, bound to behold the locked door for hours at a time by despair for his lost love and his fixation on being knowledgeable about every intimate detail of the growing relationship between her and her newfound lover, all before scurrying off as their lovemaking concludes and their passionate vows of being soon reunited both spiritually and carnally upon his return signal that they will soon be leaving their temporary love nest. The cherry on top would be the young man following them to Tokyo on one occasion in an attempt to take the older man’s daughter in an impetuous act of revenge, only to be thwarted by his childhood friend, who inadvertently prevents the loss of his virginity despite long since losing her own, who alerts the older man to the fox’s approach. The older man, in an unlikely result to a bout, bests the younger in a fight, humiliating him before his friend and the daughter of the man, in whose good graces the young man hoped to ensconce himself, the whole affair dripping with the hypocrisy of the rapist defending his daughter from even mild overtures by a young suitor.

  • man..she’s so cute..

  • Reaper 7 months ago

    Pls rape me I love rapre

  • Ecchinosuke 8 months ago

    It goes without saying that if the girl ask for sex it is not considered rape so the title of the hentai is a lie.

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