June 12, 2018

Hentai: Nuresuke Jk Amayadori Rape

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  • king ina 7 months ago

    omg that was so good

  • Tommy 7 months ago

    I don’t fancy rape video this hentai made me cum 3x well done

  • Hentai-Superstar 7 months ago

    You guys need to understand that the people that watch this genre only like the fantasy and do not condone the actual act of rape in real life. Of course it’s a disgusting crime but the taboo nature of force fucking someone turns people on; again, only as a fantasy – for most. I enjoyed the video but as soon as I came, just felt bad. Normal reaction for many people though I think.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Very realistic and extremely well done. 5/5

  • Shea-san 7 months ago

    Its discusting! Hate Rapeculture.. Cant we just have romantic + deep sexy sex? ^,..,~

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      Its god damn Hentai, sorry if it hurts your feelings but some people like it.
      Also watching romantic + deep sexy sex for years can make you get bored of it unless a change of animation style occurs, a good and unique story, or good voice acting and facial expressions occur.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    There needs to be a guy who cuts dicks of rapes lol

  • FeelsBadMan 7 months ago

    Damn, atleast he could say “because I love you”…

  • Sadboy 7 months ago

    Yeah this was far too real and made me feel horrible about myself which I kinda think I needed to maybe give up rape forever. Or at least a long time.

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      You think rape is a regular thing people do you moron .-. you probably exposed yourself

      • You deadass bruh 1 month ago

        If it’s just a kink, fine, as long as it’s anime and it’s fake or something, sure, but this shit specifically is just too much

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