• They managed to ruin 4 episodes of a great hentai… Good job

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    wtf?! they gonna do us like dat?! fuck…

  • Es una cagada de final osea que las dos eran como novias osea no mamen

  • anonymous 8 months ago

    terrible ending

  • This was bad so how do this tie in to the first 2 episode.
    Will guy the next episode will the that black hair girl that try to
    Kill him at the end of episode 1 lol

  • lance tamama 8 months ago

    My cum is full of explode

  • They could have given us some Filika and Sera action tbfh. Is it so hard finding a good yuri these days?

    • No-name 8 months ago

      My dick and nose exploded when I found out they’re a couple.

  • im not one for plot in hentai, but that was a terrible plot twist, and a lame ending

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