• Anonymous 1 week ago

    …..I sincerely think the person who made this is retarded.

  • PaiNaruto 2 weeks ago

    I like this hentai !
    with yuri and comedy :)

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I fucking love this girl. One of the hottest devil girls ever!! <3 Shes too fking hot. Wish we could see more of her.

  • are you fucking kidding me, the first episode is a total dick tease and WE NEVER GET TO SEE HER GET PENTRATED BY THE MAIN CHARACTER THIS IS THE BIGGEST TROLL

  • love dicks 3 weeks ago

    i love dicks semmens and big cock that gangbang me

  • Hentai Expert/Hentai Reviewer: Specter 3 weeks ago

    I really like this hentai the comendy in it is funny as hell, the problem however with a lot of comedy hentais is when you are trying to fap and a funny scene comes up and you’re already horny and you burst out laughing then you won’t know what to whether continue masturbating or laugh and if you’re a male like me your dick will probably softened after a dialogue or two. The animation overall is good enough for anime standards and very good for hentai standards, I really do enjoy this kind of art style. The organisms are somewhat unrealistic and the amount of cum that was released was still too much and exaggerated but this is hentai we are talking about. Overall this is a great hentai i definitely recommend this one for people looking for some nice humor and fap material at the same time. I give this series a 8.8/10 so far.

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