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October 16, 2015

Hentai: Netoraserare

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  • Advisor 9 months ago

    At this moment Haruka knows she had fucked up.( I hope that that faggot dies soon, that should be in next episode, Haruka will be picked up by a nice and the faggot stays underground)

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    This is sort of romantic in a twisted way. Guy loses sexual attraction to his wife, so he sleeps with another woman. Feels guilty, and has another man sleep with his wife for what he did. Hearing his wife get fucked by another man rekindles the hot flame they was once there. it’s twisted, and sort of messed up, but at least the husband was fair, and it sort of had a happy ending.

  • 1 year ago

    i dont know this series is netorare when i read the manga, even though i know the tittle is netoraserare -_- silly horny me

  • so this fucked up doujin got animated eh

  • That guy with the shekels 1 year ago

    Cuckolds are closeted homosexuals. They are at least 2 steps below complete faggots and only one step above Mexicans.

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      I don’t get why you have to bring up race/ethnicity here.

  • Tteu 1 year ago

    I love this hentai, thank you for posting it. I dream everyday of watching my wife being fucked by another guy, but she’ll never accept this lol. I hope they release the episode 3 soon.

  • hehehee 1 year ago

    uhmmm I dont always put love as the same category with sex like this. but when I do it turns out to this I could watch this happily but feels irritated if i think about it happening to me for real. Had A feeltrip at that long way feeltrain.

  • ????????? 1 year ago

    That guy is a shitty retard, he is listening to his wife having sex with onather guy

  • reminds me of someone 1 year ago

    Dude, this is just a hentai…But if youre an american like me…then prepare your dick…if you dont want to get a shattered heart like my friend

  • Anon 1 year ago

    This was not good