November 8, 2016

Hentai: Netorare Zuma

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  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    whos the voice actor for taniguichi

  • I do admit that is the husband’s fault because if he didn’t love his wife as another woman saying that he doesn’t love her as herbut as someone else but I’ve seen hentai like this and it always ends up either she leaves him for the other guy or he set this up like he asked his friend to do it cuz he knew if I can’t satisfy my wife then maybe my friend can and he’s okay with it

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    You forgot about how you can instead suggest having sex with her after she appears. After you suggest having sex with her, she uses a harmless smoke screen so you can’t see her body and then she turns into a clean, super hot (According to your personal taste) 21 year old anime girl-nymph when she goes out of that smokescreen and will agree to have a pleasuring sex with you all night long. The next morning, she asks you if she can come again, if you say yes, she’ll come again and it will all happen again, and of course, she’ll remember you and you can get to know her and try out different things and stuff. if you say no, she won’t come again. if you do it for a while and she falls in-love with you, she’ll stay with you and love you a pure harmless love forever and you’ll forever be together and happy and young, because you’ll both have immortality when she falls in-love with you, she’ll then suggest who else you want to give immortality to, and she’ll give whoever you wish for immortality too. Everyone who gets immortality stays young forever and be happy forever and will be able to properly mentally function, and grow in knowledge forever. Don’t copy and paste this message so you’ll finally graduate from your virginity.

  • Like 1 year ago

    Great NTR, it should have a continuation.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Should have broke up with the guy instead of cheating

  • Vanilla 1 year ago

    Tolerable because u know the husband deserves it.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Cum Reiko cum, just like Run Barry Run

  • Ecchinosuke 2 years ago

    I don’t know why but LINDA makes cheating hot for some reason.

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