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  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    Sad T^T

  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    I know this is rape but they could’ve at least make the rapists less ugly lol

  • grrrr 2 months ago

    grrrr just kill the mofos dammit!

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Okay when’s the next one coming out because I want to see what happens next what I want to see the most is the student murder the rapist on the train. Or yknow get some help and the rapist gets arrested. And after that I want it to be between the student and the teacher two simple things I’m asking for two things. But back on topic when’s the next episode coming out.

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Both girls where constantly raped and couldn’t do shit! They act as if they don’t understand threats! They could just act as if they don’t care and then they wouldn’t be forced to do this shit. I hate this damn anime and the plot!

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    This hentai was sad, and made me very irritated, I hate this shit