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February 13, 2013

Hentai: Nee Summer!

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  • Wraith 1 week ago

    silica the hell are you doing here! You’re to young for this.

    • Kirito 6 days ago

      I’m trying stop Death Gun from killing anyone and causing more trouble because he’s from laughing coffin.

      And Asuna knows I’m here.

    • Silica 5 days ago

      I’m just here to support Kirito-san

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    Awesome hentai best I ever seen

  • leopold 2 weeks ago

    As i said before this isNot incest in my beliefs this hentai is perfect

  • Givemewisdom 2 weeks ago

    Um….did it hurt when you fingered yourself for the first time. -///- I’m to scared to do it

  • Death Gun 3 weeks ago

    I wonder who I should kill first?

    • Kirito 2 weeks ago

      I won’t let you kill people anymore people.

      • Death Gun 2 weeks ago

        My crimes of murder will never be over. I have real power real strengthen. You are nothing compared to me. I’m a real red player. And red players are stronger than the rotten green players. Let my name fear you. As you remember me with your lame brain. The name I share with this weapon.

        DEATH GUN!!!!

        • Silica 2 weeks ago

          Oh yeah Kirito won’t lose to the likes of you.

          • Death Gun 2 weeks ago

            Yes he will I’m a real red player that kills people for pleasure. And he’s not. And that’s his vulnerable point.

        • Kirito 2 weeks ago

          Then what’s my weakness then tell me.

          • Death Gun 1 week ago

            Because you’re caring about others.

            While I fight for myself.

            And that means killing you.

          • Wraith 1 week ago

            Kirito what would ausuna say if she saw you here! And silica you’re too young for this go back to ALO.

  • derk sels 3 weeks ago

    too much vanilla

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago


  • maji des!? 3 weeks ago

    I need that nee-san!

  • Nice Plot, Nice Art-style,’s just nice.

  • Anonymous 1 month ago


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