February 5, 2018

Hentai: Nee Shiyo

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  • NANI?!? 3 days ago

    I’m having thoughts why this is vanilla

  • Xev Bellringer 5 days ago

    These idiots went for the creampie! No one deserves to be born retarded or with deformities. (facepalm)

  • HeartEyesMuthafucka 1 week ago

    He fucked the hell outta his own sister. I mean they really went at it. A whole damn box of condoms and they fucked like 6 times at school the next day(although that one time was rape that a no no). but DAMN SON!!

  • Incest 1 week ago

    I just turned 18 btw but trust me family is more fun thisway

    • Disgusting 5 days ago

      Typical bad advise from us young people. Your genes as fucked up kid! Incest is dysgenic.

  • Incest 1 week ago

    Im a girl and im youngest and let me just say incest is the best bonding thing ever i got almost all the male s od my faamily that i liked in my family haarem i love them so much ever since i was3 i wanted to marry dad brother and grandpa i still need my brother hes the last one yay.
    Btw anyone who has a sister trust me she wants to do you if she teases you alot.

    • Hentai_Shonen 1 week ago

      You disgusting bitch, i’d Never do it to my god damn sister!

  • anonymous 1 week ago

    Obviously the dude has some kind of mental problem. Maybe it’s just a thing for Japanese males in general to see rape as the answer for anything negative they THINK a woman has done to them, doesn’t even matter if it’s mom, sister auntie whatever a vagina is a vagina. I’d say his sister should slit his throat while he sleeps but she seems to be enjoying this as well…

    • Calm the fuck down! 1 week ago

      They’re incestous freaks! Although she should of screamed for help when her brother was raping her or at least report his stupid ass if she really didn’t like it. Sure some people, like their parents, will know that they fucked each other plenty of times before but it beats being possibly raped again by her brother and it’ll give him the criminal record he deserves that he may never crawl out of.

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