• Anonymous 9 months ago

    Looool it’s the ugly Titan from Aot ahhaha

  • Clam Nigger 9 months ago

    The black haired girl is very beautiful. She somehow reminds me of Himeragi from Strike the Blood.

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    In the beginning, are they…
    Are they talking about how awesome it is to be a prostitute?

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Blondie reminds me so much of lucy from fairy tail

    • Hallo alle sammen :D 9 months ago

      are you gay? she does’t look like lucy at all she’s a whore lol

  • ugandan knuckles 9 months ago

    U mus kno de wae

  • lance the hard core skater tamama 9 months ago

    Shit no anal

  • Stereotype 9 months ago

    They could have made the man a rich old/middle aged dude with a majestic beard and a buff or normal build to make this better but overall I liked it cause it’s not rape and most importantly it’s not ntr. Also that laugh at the end was so calm like I feel that the guy is a good man that didn’t do anything to make the girls like that and genuinely loves them.

    • What do you mean not ntr sdhe cheated on the boyfriend

      • I think for it to be fully NTR, the boyfriend has to be present and we see it go down from his perspective. Still doesn’t make the whole cheating shit any better but wtf can you do these Japs love their cheating whores

        • No need. Just need the fact that the girl friend cheats on and chose to dump the boyfriend to follow the dick that can satisfy her is ntr and cheating.

          • Anonymous 7 months ago

            people will think I’m mad but i find cheating bitch very hot

          • Anonymous 7 months ago

            NTR is gooooodddd

  • Ojisan 9 months ago

    What a pair of gold diggers
    More like ochinchin diggers

    • Stereotype 9 months ago

      True, I honestly feel bad the guy but I think he loves them too much

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