• My dick is on fire 9 months ago

    I’m sick of Masturbation :/ I want real thing

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Can we stop putting disgusting fat fucks into hentai please? Nothing ruins it more than seeing some dudes fucking gut hanging out on the close up shots

    • Theodore Roosevelt 9 months ago

      How bout you shut the fuck up and enjoy something else you cunt.

      • Anonymous 9 months ago

        and this is what you call keyboard courage boys smh

        • Ur cousin 9 months ago

          If i saw u irl i would call u a grimy little spit fuck

          • he's triggered :] 9 months ago

            of course you would. smh pointless

        • I fucked his grimy arse 9 months ago

          Not everyone is triggered thats 2017 i think now we’re all mega gay and flame for fun. Ironman btw. Also tell ur dad i said hi

    • My dick is on vacation 9 months ago

      But disgusting fat fucks is a big turn on :/ if you want vanilla this is not for you

  • Deepinyocunt 9 months ago

    I like Chihiro’s voice, it is so erotic

  • Ur dad, u fucking twat 9 months ago

    Rough translation:

    Oji-sama: *grunting noise*
    Oji-sama is god has the big peepee and her boyfriend is no good at the sex his peepee cant compare to the much superior oji-sama. so here we have the alpha male big dick fat old guy manopolizing two sweet young sluts for our entertainment. I thought it was rather charming really, having the fat guy not speak or have a face and we are turned on by her reaction to the contrast between her boyfriend and big papa shlong. Real talk tho you gain almost nothing from subs in this instance feel it with your mind and let it resonate in your bosom. For that is the true answer to our problems, yes.. now where were we..

  • Excellent Hentai! 10/10 9 months ago

    Having lots of money can really help solve your problem of getting laid. But make sure they don’t waste your wealth. Going broke starts off slowly then speeds up quickly.

  • Robin 9 months ago

    At least no face!

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Another fat guy!

  • lance the hard core skater tamama 9 months ago

    We need subs

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