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  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    japan has such a low population they’re trying to get fat fucks to start repopulating.
    or maybe they just feel bad about the fat fucks….you never know.

    • We are all going to be a fat fuck someday 11 months ago

      Your a fat ugly **** yourself so dont say that

    • Eat less, eat healthy and exercise 11 months ago

      Maybe China should send some people. lol Well that’s only if the Japanese want them and if so how many is she willing to welcome to mention a few.

  • Can they stop with these fat fucks already. This is fucking disgusting. It would be better if they were getting raped by monsters, anything would be better than this shit.

    • Anonymous 11 months ago

      Why? You fap to the girls, not the guys. Or are you gay? I don’t really mind, but you should go and look after some of that yaoi shit instead. Now fuck off.

      • Anonymous 11 months ago

        wait how do you know these are only guys l o l

      • I can’t really fap to the girls when they make the ugliest, fattest fucking cunt fuck them. I feel like whoever likes this is fat themselves and wishes he was the guy in the video. Monster rape hentai is the best at this point, they should make more of those insted of this shit.


    Is there going to be episode 2?

  • This is so Hentairtainment 11 months ago

    10/10 would fap 100 more time

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